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  1. Fisty

    UOAF - BMS 353 - 1800z

    Hi guys, I'm back online and flying tonight.
  2. Oops... Didn't notice that. Did the Sunday afternoon DCS flights end?
  3. Damn, just noticed the time changed from 1500z to 1800z, so I'm out.
  4. I may be about 5-10 mins late if that's okay?
  5. Prefer Cowboy if there's a slot
  6. In - Anywhere I can do as little damage as possible to the good guys!
  7. Fisty

    UOAF - BMS #335 - 1800z

    I reserved a slot, but unfortunately I now have to pull out. Have a good flight!
  8. In - Prefer Panther or Lobo, but will take any spare seat.
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