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  1. This looks interesting, i've been playing Silent Hunter 5 TWOS mod but this does seem to be a really decent alternative. Also, check out UBOAT : https://store.steampowered.com/app/494840/UBOAT/, a more SP centered upcomming sub sim.
  2. Since i can't edit the main post, i shall proceed to give the available slots here : Trigger Group (F14-Bs, pilot + RIO). 1- 2- Woody + RIO 3- 4- Mage Group : (F/A18Cs) 1- 2- Belmont 3- 4- Hawg Group : 1- Blue 2-
  3. DCS Session 22 : Tomcat Fever Briefing coming soon ! (I'll need to know your availability and which aircraft you want to fly)
  4. I'd like to say that i actually joked about that with a few polish guys and even made a few ''french surrender'' jokes during all the afternoon, which seemed to cause little to no problems. As a great mind once said ''Removal of context is a relatively lazy way to push an agenda''. If this gets me banned for 3 months, you better do the same for 90% of the community and people as a whole, last time i checked, UO wasn't a safe place and never was. I rest my case, if i get banned i'll just use those 3 months to become a future British Army officer. It's a win-win really.
  5. I realized that using this kind of pictures wasn't the smartest thing for me to do. I like dark humor, but realize that not everybody does and the fact that UO is a public teamspeak, therefore must remain ''correct''. I therefore sincerely apologize for those avatars, and promise not to use ''questionable'' images in my avatars ever again.
  6. I only put the avatar in order to show it to Sylong and forgot to remove it. I was indeed warned by Blue at the beginning of the week and this was an error of my part. As for ''Major Disruptions, as above but done in an aggressive or intentional manner w/o regard to playerbase or community.'' I wish to remark that i NEVER insulted someone or even got angry at someone on teamspeak and always have tried to remain as cordial as possible. This avatar may have been offensive to some and i don't refute that it wasn't proper of me to even put it for a short amount of time on Teamspeak, but i also find the sentence a bit unfair. I never have been banned nor warned except for this one single occasion (by Blue, which i considered more like a friendly advice than a proper warning).
  7. Mission Updated again, silly me
  8. Not on this mission sorry. I'll probably make at least 1 mission Axis-sided though. No can do, people still need to learn the basics/fly against IAs before that, let's not put the cart before the horse for this one eh ? x)
  9. We are flying Russian, therefore, we have access to superior slav datalink )))))))) xaxaxaxa.
  10. Don't forget to bind a key for your TGP in the 109
  11. Multiplayer Campaign for IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad 6 missions are planned in total. The first one, Defense of Kalach, should be ready for next week. -August 7th : Elements of the German Army attack Soviet forces near Kalach September 10, 19:00Z RESERVE YOUR SLOT CLICK HERE
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