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  1. It'd be cool for those of us with some RL medical training but as a whole, the cardiac arrest thing is a little too gamey. I'd be fine with treating for broken limbs and a decreased mobility from those.
  2. Well, that helps. Which terrain and what mission type are you wanting to build?
  3. Good evening from the frozen Southeast, everyone. Been a lurker for the most part but finally decided to give UO a try. What I've seen so far is exactly what I've been missing since I started with A2 and now A3. I'm also prior military (Army National Guard - 8.5 years) and current DOD civilian with experience in communications gear, law enforcement, and a bunch of other things. Hope to get a chance to talk with everyone and participate in any ops as it plays to my nature.
  4. Hopefully I'll be there. Steam: W4EGR TS: W4EGR/Smith Arma: Smith
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