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  1. I'm in SKOSH. Anytime works for me. I think I'll know most of this but I can always use a refresher on terminology and I am sure you'll have a couple of hidden gems in there!
  2. Yup great course and great instruction! It was awesome for building a rhythm with comms and spacing, practicing formations and patterns, getting used to offsetting and banking into the target instead of coming in at it straight on. Lot's of stuff going on there. In terms of translating it into a mission though I am a bit confused because I don't know why we'd want to expose our aircraft to ground fire and manpads? In real life don't the pilots avoid drops like we did at the range? I mean wouldn't that be your last resort tactic and probably only used in CAS?
  3. Yeah that was really great. Who's that amazing pilot that is AARing through entire turn? Skosh and Foxy both are really patient and good with folks of various skill sets and levels. My sense is that you guys have came to the same conclusion that I have about this wonderful sim. It's pretty cool to be good, but it's excellent to have fun wherever you are regardless of knowledge or skill. BMS is a great hobby. Some of us can spend a lot of time at it, and some can't. Some of us have aviation experience and some don't. But so long as you love flying in BMS, I'm going to have fun flying with and learning with you. Anyway, that's why I like Skosh's and Foxy's training, they are both fun to fly with and you can tell they are having fun helping us.
  4. usVandal

    UOAF - BMS #279

    Prefer F111F but happy to fly anything.
  5. For GMT personally my skills against columns are at this level: With cluster bombs in a column: Reliable and high levels of destruction (say 10+ units and sometimes quite a bit more) ONLY IF: 1. the enemy is traveling in a column (not line abreast) (line abreast only is good if the battalion is stationary); 2. I can totally just focus on what I have to do and not worry about other planes in the flight; and 3. I have the freedom and time to line up on them. With LGBs and Mavericks regardless of formation and movement I am going to get 2 to 4 units per pass. I find it better for me with Mavericks to setup a racetrack that is 15nm at the IP and 8nm at the release and I can get 2 to 4 away fairly easy per pass. With LGBs I can tighten that up to 10nm and release at 4nm and get one release per pass, usually a GBU12 is going to take out 2 to 3 targets. Does that sound about what everyone else is getting when they play single player? If so then I am thinking it makes more sense to utilize one pass haul ass cluster bombs ships as a multi-role flight going from A-G to A-A duties. At the very least they could setup in a patrol area for the CAPS to retreat through which is ideally in visual range of other AI racetracks. Or they can float out and take over for a flight that has planes low on JP or ordnance. Otherwise, I am thinking racetracks with smart munitions if you are expecting to prosecute moving targets. It's a lot safer. In short, AI to AA flights are prime candidates for dropping cluster bombs and joining the air battle (any AG kills they inflict generally being seeing as a great bit of luck and/or skill and of secondary importance). And dedicated AG flights are for the safe, methodical, systematic, ensured destruction of enemy columns. Anyway, just my musings on the topic.
  6. Oh lol the colors you can turn off. I did it but I guess it only did it for me. Look to the eyeball thingie and the setting cog doohicky. One or the other or both will get rid of the color and you can live in black and white too. Range was a blast!
  7. LOL well I didn't mean to fry brains. And I want someone else -- no me -- to establish and manage a way for us to share campaigns and a calendar of some sort. This was not meant to be a permanent fix, just a pilot program as it were (1) to test interest and (2) to identify and solve coordination issues. And no one has to use it or help, but instead of sitting on my butt I'd thought I'd at least take a stab at getting things rolling.
  8. Hey All: I started a "test project" to see if we can do a couple of things I've been wanting to do and sort of layout options on how we might go about it: 1. Share campaigns; 2. Schedule TEs and Missions. If someone with programming/webhosting skills wants to take this over -- please do so. I just wanted to get the ball rolling and see if there was any interest in it. Whatever the successor does, I just hope it will be quick and ez. It's kind of clunky as is, but I think it will work reasonably well if you give it a chance. I called it ZULU so that it didn't appear as if this was officially sanctioned by UOAF or BMS etc. I tinkered a bit with Webcalendar and I think that would work. It could be done on these forums, or a separate phpBB, or a Dokuwiki, or Discord etc. But if there's no interest that seemed like too much work and also I just thought it best to leave it up to UOAF how to move it to the next stage if the UOAF likes it. Anyway, please feel free to collaborate, use, or ignore. Here is the link: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/ZULU.
  9. Yeah I know what you mean. I am working on organizing "shared campaigns" and I'll add a descriptor to events, say "Scramble" meaning quick brief and wheels up for a mission. And maybe "Shakedown" for a mission where working out any player issues is welcome? Something like that so you can look at the calendar and get a good idea of what to expect.
  10. Yeah I bought IL2 and will be playing it in the future but right now I still am enjoying BMS too much. Is there a reason you aren't flying BMS?
  11. Neuro: Of course I don't have any problem with folks who'd rather play TEs. We do that now and we do play in individual campaigns (but I don't get engrossed with the campaign struggle in those, it just feels like a TE). So yeah, I would certainly be flying in those. I just like the immersion of the larger struggle, sort of like the write up for this coming Saturday. There's a story being written and I get to play inside of that story. To get that effect with TEs you'd have to have follow up TEs that flowed from the previous TE. The campaign struggle though is what I really enjoy and so I thought I'd just see if there was any interest in shared campaigning. If not, then it's just me that's really Jonesing for this and it's DOA. If there is interest, hopefully folks will give it a thumbs up and we can give it a spin and see if we like it or not in practice. I get your point about house rules, but in my experience that's what makes gaming great. What do I mean by that? Well the 89 campaign we are presently enjoying is not just BMS it's BMS being refereed by admin. They decide our missions, who gets priority, enforce consequences of a mission gone awry, parameters for replenishment and add a story on top of that, and all of that is what makes it so fun! Now, say we have two "shared campaigns" being refereed. Say one has it where you are required to fly in the same squadron (player choice of F16 or A10 or F117) for the duration of the campaign and one where it's a free for all. I would fly in both and enjoy both because each of those gives me a different feel. The former I get to feel like I am an A10 pilot, in the latter campaign I get to fly in whatever plane I am in the mood for. Again, by allowing for a variety of rules we get to enjoy more dimensions, and perhaps less explored dimensions of BMS that we might otherwise miss. I think it's all good.
  12. Nebojsa: Yeah I agree that can be a problem. I don't know how many of you guys have played tabletop role playing games like AD&D where there is a gamemaster? But I used to be in a group where we would rotate who were the gamemasters. It was a big group and we'd have 2 or 3 campaigns going at once and each player would just decide which campaign was interesting to him and play those. Also, some of us would not like how the gamemaster managed things. End of story: some of us played in all the campaigns and some were more selective. And it was all good. You played where you wanted to play, asked for what you wanted, and accepted what the manager said or just went to another campaign or started your own. It really didn't create problems. As the saying goes, "It's a free country" and that was pretty much our motto. In your example, say I started a campaign that did let folks roll the clock forward because they were playing all day -- say 10 hours of flying and advanced the clock by 4 days. As a referee I could just impose a new rule, say you can only advance the clock 1 hour for every hour flown. So, if you fly 1.5 hours. You can advance the clock an additional 3. Or I might say, we're going to go back to the previous save and impose the new rule because that day really fouled up what some folks had planned. The key to happiness being is to make your case for what you want done but accept the referee's judgment once made. Now maybe you don't like the clock being advanced at all -- so you could start your own campaign either immediately or at the conclusion of the one you are currently enjoying and have the rule be more stringent. We played one my way, now we're playing one your way. It's all good. Anyway, that's how my RPG group handled it.
  13. Wow the immersion is DEEP! In like Flynn. Negotiating for Intruder12.
  14. Would anyone be interested in playing library campaigns? I love multiplayer and I love campaigns. The problem with the Saturday event is that it only comes out on Saturday! And the problem with playing an individual’s campaign is you only get to play it when that individual is around to host it. So, the immersion of the bigger struggle is not really there when playing in an individual's personal campaign. So today I was thinking, why not try “library campaigns” where players could “check out” the campaign frag and play some missions, and then “return” the campaign when the players were done playing the campaign for the day. We wouldn’t need a dedicated server, just someone oversee/referree the campaign and then the players themselves can host individual sessions. I think a lot of us could handle 6 to 8 players. Anyway, I think it would be fun to at least give it a good try. And if you don’t like how someone is referreeing a campaign (i.e. the missions are too hard for your skill level), you can always setup one of your own or you can play in a different one being referreed by someone else. If we could have a new Discord channel for this, all we have to do is jump over to it and see what campaigns members are making available for library play. We can even .zip up the campaign files and pass them back and forth through Discord and do the mission briefs there (it should be fine for 6 to 8 player sessions I’d think). “Library campaigns” is a dorky name for this -- any suggestions for a better name would be most welcome! Anyway, if you are interested in playing alternate campaigns like this please leave a post here so the amount of interest can be judged. Thanks. Wall of text ends.
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