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  1. @Blue im no longer able to attend, please remove me off roster
  2. [Cavalierr/ 1plt 1 squad leader] Ill take flying as my TL
  3. Filled No more comp siege boys im washed lmaoooo ill see em next CL quals
  4. Hello friends So yet again i quickly leave as i made my return to saturday play sessions. Ill keep it short but irl is becoming more difficult, as i will have no internet at home the rest of the month and then will be living out of my car starting next month. Ill be on steam from time to time @lan centers doing comp siege when im able but its gonna be pretty rough. See you guys soon
  5. Sadguy, thank you for taking the time out and taking us through this course. It was very informative and i got to interface with equipment i had never even used before in arma 3. I highly encourage the UOTC Office to hold more courses like these, even if unofficial. I believe it would be to the utmost benefit to the members of UO who are not completely familiar with skills outside the boring monthly famil course. ps hold more things like this and ill actually show up
  6. Hey everyone, unfortunately, its come that time where i have to take leave from UO for quite sometime. Im not 100% sure how long i will be gone but i have become a comp player for R6S and have joined an ESL team within the past month and a half. My priorities have shifted quite a bit from arma to R6, as i have been constantly laboring over practices, scrims, and playing in GO4s. Our team has high aspirations, we are hoping to either win the next challenger league qualifier or qualify for CCS (which is another comp league for siege.) This isnt a good bye by any means, but rather a see you later. Ill be hopping on the primary when i can, and still send daddy impulse my dono money every month. Thanks to everyone here who practically gave me my start in PC gaming, if i end up going pro ill tell my fans that speed is key and the violence of action (concepts that can be applied quite well to R6, surprisingly). See you guys around
  7. First of all, i wanna give a big shout out to Max from the PR Office for taking on this event. Thank you for taking this on and making something i have been wanting to do a reality. Kenny and Soviet, thank you guys for the labor of making such intricate missions (rip to grozny soviet). Mission 1 i found myself being the PSG for the FK platoon, we steamrolled through our assigned AO, taking moderate casualties and losing coherency. Despite the issues we faced, we were able to push on and complete our objectives. Thanks to everyone who came out today. I had a blast.
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