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  1. I'd like to first apologize to both Cunnah and Syntax. I also would like to point out that I was apologetic saying it was unintentional and an accident, I assume syntax couldn't hear me because he was heated. Syntax continued with this heated attitude in the next mission's briefing even though he was asked to stop by serveral people. Another thing i'd like to add is that Syntax and Lipicul were making jokes about the issue and carrying it throughout the next mission even after AC337 told them to cut it out twice. I later messaged both in team speak requesting an apology, both users didn't respond. Here is a link from my perspective it starts at 1:00: (you can see that where i'm situated to me a JIP in the middle of all the enemy not hearing anyone communicate to me or around me) https://youtu.be/oUHFp8IyBbk?t=1m4s
  2. TS: Grimreaper In-game: Grimreaper Didnt see anyone at last i thought it was cancelled or something
  3. The briefing consisted of waypoints called meme 1, meme 2, meme 3, etc. Barrage then gave a briefing saying where everyone was to go, during which I had hard time understanding his because of his bad mic, so i asked if a certain waypoint was where he wanted me. After the briefing was over, I informed barrage of a usable uaz so that our units could move quicker. After the briefing finished I was threatened to give my gun over or I would get banned, which I couldn't understand because of his terrible microphone. I asked barrage to repeat what he was saying until I understand. Once we went into game, he forced me to had the gun over. All the plan consisted of was where to go. How is informing you of vehicles during the briefing disruptive? You should have said something instead of waiting till you got banned and informing me now. I think you're just trying to get what little things that happened and twist them into lies. It was the second night that I was playing Arma at United Operations, and all I have seen is you and spitfire twist the truths to make me seem malicious while you attempt to hide your actions. No. I never spoke over barrage. I only spoke saying I couldn't understand you or when I brought up the UAZ. How is asking for clarification being disruptive?! I was only trying to understand what you wanted me to do or be helpful.
  4. At the briefing after explaining the plan, you looked at everyone's loadout and said something along the lines of "I don't want this crappy gun", ordering some one to give you their AK. Then, when you notice i had a GP, you said "give me your AK", at which point i kept asking you to repeat, because your mic kept cutting in and out. You then responded with "when i ask in game for your AK if you disobey CO's orders i can get you banned". Once we went into the game, I gave you the AK. You got to your position, I got to mine, then noticed I didn't give you any GP-25 ammunition, so I went to the corner of the compound offering them, at which point you said something like "it's okay i don't need them", and continued to hide behind a few rocks outside of the compound. You were on the edge of voice range and due to the poor quality of your mic, it was very hard to hear. I offered the ammunition before the fighting started, as you had not taken any GP-25 rounds. Later I came back with the ammo, information on the location of the enemy, and to request tasking for a JIP. At this point you yelled at me to get back without allowing me to speak, thus I was unable to give you the information and the ammo. As the CO, the only way to pass information was to use voice since we had no radios, because you were outside the compound, the only way we could pass information or request orders was to expose ourselves and you.
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