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  1. My first vote shall be a yes! These look like excellent additions to the modpack.
  2. Kalohepirate, when my first year at UO had passed I personally asked for an update on my personal review thread, to see which areas I could improve upon. I was only provided feedback from two people, one comment being positive the other negative, although I had much more on my internal review. At that time I had also been told about only wanting to play TVT and people were viewing that as negative. Over the past year I have worked to improve my behaviour and learn to play all types of missions, I think this shows due to not having a negative comment over the past year. This week I asked James to update my personal review thread and was surprised to see only comments from 2017 upon which to improve. I also have no bans to my name which I also think says quite a lot about my behaviour. Whether this poll passes or not I will continue to do my best as I really want to become a core member of this community. Graham1988.
  3. Thankyou Pax for stating events. IRL situation has been explained to James as why I had to reschedule the course. I do not wish to discuss it openly as it was a personal matter. I apologized later to the atendees. If I did not apologize to Cath for the heated discussion we had, I do so now openly. As for my behaviour during mission slotting and selection I admit to rarely referencing out loud which missions I would like to play next. However I do not agree to doing this in a childish manner and this voicing shall not occur from here on out. If it was bothering I wish it had been pointed out to me earlier to be able to correct it. I'm looking forward to getting back on the server after a month hiatus, due to honeymoon, and playing all type of missions.
  4. Nathan, it is true that I have a history of preferring TVT missions to CO, in some cases I have left missions because I have played them many times. Nonetheless I would like to think of myself as a player who seeds the server. I love playing seeder missions which in turn are co-op. I would also like to state that the large majority of missions I have made have been CO. In regards to the arguing with the admin about slotting, I hope this is an isolated case which happened just under a year ago. I do not like to consider myself an argumentative person but if more than one case can be pointed out, I will work towards improving my behaviour in the future.
  5. Course attended and completed by : -JayTee Corresponding tag given. MrBeanLaden moved to later date due to time change of course.
  6. Signed Sealed Delivered. I couldn't find it on the list but i would really like to play Badger Blues, if i remember correctly i think it's on chernarus.
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