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  1. Thank y'all for having a spot for me this weekend in the Turkey Shoot - it was by far the largest multiplayer BMS event I've flown. Even though I missed the taxi call, I enjoyed learning about deconfliction, overhead breaks, and especially the online debrief. Looking forward to more flights with y'all in the future! -Rabbit
  2. I'm a newbie here but would be up for a 2 or 4 slot in an F-16
  3. I'm a flight sim fan interested in joining in for some of UO's Falcon BMS events. I bought a second-hand copy of Falcon 4 back in the day (ring bound manual and all) and worked on the avionics and weapon systems by myself. I remember briefly looking at the 3D cockpit view on my 16" CRT and thinking it could be pretty cool. However, I never had a proper HOTAS and TrackIR hadn't been invented yet. Fast forward 10 years and I discovered BMS and have been hooked since. I recently began flying with the loose FoxRifle group that UO did a shared event with a few weeks back and really enjoy the multiplayer aspect. Guiding my flight lead back to homeplate at night through inclement weather after an SA-9 took out his electronics was a highlight of my gaming experience and Falcon seems to offer a lot of opportunities for really cool emergent events like that. Flukey recommended I poke my head over here. My availability is spotty (wife, kids, job), but I enjoy flying when I can. I'm still relatively new to multiplayer flying, but I have a general handle on brevity, formation flying, mutual support, and (getting there) AAR. I'd like to grow my skill set, meet some new folks, and have some fun. When DCS A-10C first came out for I taught myself the basics, but the sterile environment made it get stale pretty quickly. I also enjoy Project Reality and Squad and have played a small amount of ARMA 3, but never with realistic mods. I hail from Texas but I'm living on Eastern time now and still getting used to "winter" Anyway, hoping to get in the skies with y'all soon. -Rabbit
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