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  1. Since the date has been moved, I would like to sign up as a reserve. TS: gregolego IG: greg
  2. Please excuse and disregard my sign up, I found out I will not be able to attend.
  3. I remember I once found a copy of the original Half Life and Counter Strike at a community centre computer, so I loaded it onto a flash drive and I brought it to school everyday. I remember my friends mentioning something about bein able to launch Modern Warfare from a USB, but I don't know anything about that. User received a warning point for this post.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm having problems with the paddle mod .bisign Arma 3 launched from A3Sync says it can't detect the signature for it. I tried removing it and reinstalling, but the error still shows up. Is the error a bad thing?
  5. TS and IG: gregolego I'll try to be there, and if not then on the 11th.
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