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  1. I would like to participate but require a waiver for the familiarization course. What is the process for receiving that waiver?
  2. Mission 1 Opfor 3rd Squad PKM gunner. Squad did an excellent job defending Objective Tysgan. Wiped out the American's weapon section in the first engagement. The waiting in the dark while the choppers circled us and weapons setup in the killzone was some of the most tense but most fun I have had playing any tactical shooter. When Red Platoon tried to engage over the same hill I managed to suppress them a little but was killed when my PKM ran out of ammo. Only have 2 belts and no extra ammo in the squad or truck limited my effectiveness. Overall, probably the most fun I've had so far with UO. Mission 2 Radon 143 TC/Driver. Well once I got my view distance settings fixed I could actually TC effectively. My gunner RedCard was great. The hour of waiting did not justify the 10 minutes of berm drills against Abrams we could not effectively engage. I managed to be the last T-90 standing, which for my first in a command role makes me feel special. We pulled over hill 56 at the end of the match and started engaging the 4 Abrams at close range. It ended badly because we were down to out last ATGM and a few heat rounds. My OBS didn't capture my voice but I'll get my recordings of the the first two missions up on youtube at some point.
  3. Folks, First, I understand this is the ARMA 3 tech support forum but I didn't have a better idea of where to ask this question. My apologies. After reverting from TS 3.1 to TS 3.0 I am having an issue with my push to talk settings. Whenever I join into any UO TS channel my Push-to-Talk settings change and I have to go into the 'Self' drop down menu and re-select Hotkey Profile>Default. While this is not a major issue it does become annoying in missions when I have to alt-tab during setup make my mic work. Any idea on what settings I need to change to either force Push-to-Talk or force the profile to remain 'default'. Again apologies if this is in the wrong forum subsection.
  4. Ingame/forum name: GorillaPOTUS Are you willing to be a CO: no Are you willing to squad lead: no Are you a regular or donor: no
  5. Name is GorillaPOTUS and I joined UO looking for a more intense experience then PR, Squad and the RO series. I have a few friends that play with this community and they suggested I check it out.
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