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  1. Please add me to the squadron, will apply in game.
  2. Small chance my attendance will be interrupted by a giant ass hurricane.
  3. I attempted to send an apology to Nou but it said he cannot accept any message. Please post at least this message to him, or somehow get this to him: Nou, I apologize for my threats against your person. They were spoken in anger and completely uncalled for. No person deserves a threat of violence for what they say and I was wrong. Thwart.
  4. After further discussion with my wife turns out I am indeed a total asshole: 1. Threatening someone with physical harm or death over name calling is never acceptable. 2. Being a drunk idiot is not in the best interest of the community (i.e. when I am drunk the mute button will be my new friend.) 3. I owe Nuo an apology for my threats with sincerity. ( I still can't type his name right.) I do not ask for a reduction of my ban due to the severity of my infraction. I will send an apology to Nou. If Nuo deems a reduction in ban length, I will accept it.
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