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  1. Forgot to add UTC/zulu time, 0630 AEDT GMT 11+ should be 1930 UTC/zulu and 0900-1000 AEDT/GMT 11+ should be 2200-2300 UTC/zulu. Also, I talked to sgtdeadly before he approved my post about twenty minutes ago and he said that he accidentally removed a sentence that he meant to amend in a reply after that. Sgtdeadly said it was fine to post it again so he could amend it, and now he's told me that the actual report was filed 2-3 hours before the actual ban thread was posted. Sgtdeadly clarified that an officer was contacted around sometime around 30 minutes before the ban thread was put up and the decision was to ban me. But still, that leaves a good amount of time before the ban thread that he didn't actually investigate by asking me for my side of teh story before the ban thread was posted at 1217 AEDT/GMT 11+ which is 0117 UTC/zulu. I've now retrieved videos and snapchats of the person who complained about me laughing and making jokes about me getting banned by an officer and sgtdeadly, which were posted inside a snapchat group that members of the Chinook frequent. I can and will post these videos and snapchats upon request in public or in private. I don't think doing something like that shows that you were really offended and that it was more of a premeditated attempt with a hint of maliciousness at getting me screwed over at the slightest hiccup for Chinook "street cred."
  2. In advance, if I actually unironically offended the recipient of the aforementioned messages, I'm sorry and I promise to reform. Now with that out of the way, I have a hard time believing that said recipient was actually offended. I talk to the person quite often in the Chinook barracks channel, where we exchange banter like that all of the time. I recall sending that message at around 0630 AEDT/GMT 11+ after the seeder was done as a joke to get him to come on the primary. Another thing of note, is also how he almost immediately bantered back with something along the lines of,"haha, that's funny because I just finished," which was in reference to the message in question which said something about "jerking off." According to the ban processor himself, he admitted that the report was sent "2-3 hours" before the actual ban thread was posted. That roughly posts the time at 0900-1000 AEDT/GMT 11+, that's a good couple of hours after the exchange with pokes on Teamspeak around 0630 AEDT/GMT 11+ was exchanged. Also between the time of the actual messages on TS and the actual report, him and me were exchanging ordinary "memes" on steam for lack of a better term. If he had such an issue with what I sent him first, wouldn't he immediately tell me that he had an issue with what I was saying or immediately tell a regular/officer rather than a few hours after the fact or both? What I'm trying to say here is that context matters and the motivation behind the report matters as well. Edit: Edited by SgtDeadly12 after consulted the user.
  3. Good luck, comrade. Thank you for your service, by the way.
  4. I'm interested, open on any times during the weekends.
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