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  1. UOAF BMS Session 386 - Saturday [2019-05-25, 1800z]  THEATER: BMS 4.34 Korea RESERVE YOUR SLOT (stand by for link) SAM HUNTERS Mission DataCard: Download this file and extract to C:\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data\Campaign SITUATION Be advised: Starting at 23:00:00, our ground forces will be making a major push towards Taegu. Taegu is an Air Defense stronghold on the southern FLOT preventing additional strikes from entering enemy airspace. Air command wants these defenses eliminated. WEATHER Very low ceilings have delayed the operation for several hours. "Poor" weather is dissipating, expect low scattered clouds at the target. Forecast imagery 2100 - 0100 Local key: ["fair"] ["poor"] GAMEPLAN SEAD/TARCAP medium alt with Harms Alpha Strike: first wave, ingress NOE, destroy SA-10 & SA-17 Bravo Strike: second wave, ingress at medium alt, destroy AAA & SHORAD NITRO: contingency plan for Bravo to re-attack SA-17 STEELER: contingency plan for Bravo to re-attack SA-10 COORDINATION CARD save/print: put it on the in-game kneeboard, your phone, second screen, etc. DOWNLOAD XCEL VERSION MAPS/IMAGERY GOOGLE DRIVE LINK PREPARATION CHECKLIST Review Client side best connection practices (pg 2) https://docs.google.com/document/d/19JszeUZVsFkKcfMGrKswAnRz5KDzWKrk7y4TkxURlIE/ download mission datacard .ini save/print COORD card BMS-Training.pdf manual MISSION 8: TFR & FLIR SA-17, SA-10, SA-9 familiarization Brevity review: by gasman
  2. UOAF BMS Session 384 - Saturday [2019-05-11, 1800z]  THEATER: BMS 4.34 Korea RESERVE YOUR SLOT OPERATION SMOKESTACK Download this file and extract to C:\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data\Campaign MISSION: Operation Strikeback saw the destruction of key air defenses and temporary shutdown of a fighter base on the SE coast. We will immediately capitalize on this opportunity, striking at the heart of the enemy fleet, Russia’s only AC carrier: the Admiral Kuznetsov. Using a multi-axis attack with 24 Harpoons we will attempt to sink "Smokey Bear." > > > Briefing here < < < Event by Dr. Slaughter Rex & Gasman
  3. UOAF BMS Session 376 - Saturday [2019-3-16, 1800z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 DOWNLOAD: MISSION DATA CARD RESERVE YOUR SLOT Night Drop MISSION NATO airborne infantry forces will conduct a parachute assault during the night, seize two airfields near the FLOT at Kiruna, and capture strategic objectives within Tarendo. USAF F-16's will escort the assault forces, establish local air superiority at the dropzones, and interdict an enemy mechanized QRF. Bullseye for this operation is the NATO strongpoint at Gallivare. THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: Manpads north of Alpha M-1992 (130mm self propelled guns) north of Alpha SA-19 north of Alpha SA-6 east of Bravo AIR THREATS: Kiruna Airfield (Alpha objective) 15x SU-34 FULLBACK Additional fighter threats further east, bases: Ivalo Sodankyla Kuusamo WEATHER OOB GAMEPLAN Airborne Assault force departs push point at 22:18, flights spaced 1 minute intervals. 4xC-17 Globemaster transports 2xAirborne assault battalions to Dropzone Alpha. drop time: 22:30-22:35 objective: seize both airfields near Karuna City. (Kiruna & Kalixfors) 4xC-17 Globemaster transports 2xAirborne assault battalions to Dropzone Bravo. drop time: 22:40-22:45 objective: seize strategic points in Tarendo. FALCON2 secure Dropzone Alpha. 1st to arrive at push point escort from push point to Alpha patrol Alpha LOBO2 air interdiction 6nm north of Dropzone Alpha. 2nd to arrive at push point attack 202nd Mechanized Battalion, which is in position to counter-attack Alpha priority target: T-55's, self propelled AAA FURY2 secure Dropzone Bravo. last to arrive at push point escort from push point to Bravo patrol Bravo RESTRICTIONS HARD DECK 12000' MSL EAST OF FLOT COMMS FALCON1-1 host datalink UHF 15 - 308.775 Evenes TWR UHF 17 - 359.300 Package TAKEOFF/RECOVERY Landing 34L overhead break 350kt 2200' MSL event created by: Gasman & Bibleclinger
  4. UOAF BMS Session 366 - Saturday [2019-1-5, 1900z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 DOWNLOAD: MISSION DATA CARD RESERVE YOUR SLOT BLITZ SITUATION Bardufoss Air Station has been badly damaged. Our squadron has diverted to Evenes. There are now only 3 operational NATO airbases, while Russia has twelve. Strike back to even the playing field before it is too late. Destroy 5 major airbases in one Hail Mary operation. GAMEPLAN Two OCA packages, Crimson and Tiger. Crimson strikes airbases in the north, while Tiger strikes airbases to the south on the Finnish coast. Primary Targets: ROSE BOWL, SUGAR BOWL, FIESTA BOWL, ORANGE BOWL, COTTON BOWL Abort Targets: LIBERTY BOWL, ALAMO BOWL, SUN BOWL Method of Attack: +25k high speed loft 2xJDAMs per runway segment. Tasking (in take off order) 17:23:30 BANSHEE1 (4xStrike Eagle) strikes Kiruna (LIBERTY BOWL) , clearing the way for our operation. Tiger Package BULLDOG1 ESCORT/ lead Tiger package south to the Baltic Sea. Until you reach the Baltic, MANEUVER TO AVOID ENEMY AIRCRAFT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. DO NOT PICK FIGHTS WITH ENEMY STRIKE PACKAGES. THAT IS NOT YOUR MISSION. WILDCAT1 SEAD enemy air defenses on the Finnish coast. TIGER7 OCA STRIKE ORANGE BOWL & COTTON BOWL. Abort Target: LIBERTY BOWL. Crimson Package GATOR1 SEAD/ESCORT to the east toward ROSE BOWL. CRIMSON1 OCA STRIKE ROSE BOWL & SUGAR BOWL or audible to FIESTA BOWL depending on threats. Abort Target: ALAMO BOWL/SUN BOWL. THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: numerous SA-10, SA-17, SA-6, AAA. Reference map. AIR THREATS: FLANKER, FULCRUM, FULLBACK RESTRICTIONS HARD DECK 14000' MSL EAST OF FLOT COMMS Report WIN or LOSE at your Bowl Game BULLDOG1-1 host datalink UHF 15 - 308.775 Evenes TWR UHF 17 - 359.300 CRIMSON PACKAGE UHF 18 - 324.500 TIGER PACKAGE TAKEOFF/RECOVERY F-16AM's are heavily loaded, takeoff 16R Landing 16R overhead break (right) 300kt 2200' MSL Alternate Airfield: ANDENES 48NM N 028X UHF 369.25 WEATHER Overcast 050 at takeoff Scattered 050 during ingress Overcast 050 at the target areas Visual meteorological conditions WX map: Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: gasman
  5. UOAF BMS Session 364 - Saturday [2018-12-21, 1900z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 Reserve your slot DOWNLOAD: MISSION DATA CARD SCRAMBLE SITUATION LISTEN UP, at 11:45 Russian aircraft attacked Winheim Army Base, destroying many of the Apache and Blackhawk helicopters stationed there. Winheim is 18nm south of our airbase. While our IAD in this area is still intact, strike package was able to penetrate the airspace through the mountainous areas to the southeast. Time now is 12:15, a massive follow-on strike is headed our way and will likely use the same ingress route. Intercept them! GAMEPLAN Three flights of F-16's will run intercepts, one flight will stay reserve CAP over the airbase. Tasking (in take off order) COWBOY2 stay North of the FJORD FALCON2 stay South of the FJORD GYPSY1 cover our Northern flank, friendly units on the road (21st Armored) COBRA1 reserve CAP at the base, catch any leakers Max performance takeoffs. Full burn to 20k and press to intercept. Keep the enemy as far away from the base as possible. Reserve flight conserve fuel. Drag bandits to marked air defense positions, but we must not allow leakers to get through the mountains and utilize standoff weapons. Get low and use the mountains to defend if you have to. THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: SA-10 active FLOT to SE AIR THREATS: Multiple gorilla groups from the E/SE 30+ air contacts with vectors close to our base Strikers: BLINDER, FULLBACK, FITTER, FROGFOOT Escorts: FULCRUM, FLANKER COMMS UHF 15 - BARDUFOSS TWR UHF 17 - PACKAGE WEATHER Overcast at takeoff but we are just on the edge of clear WX to the east. VFR conditions. Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: gasman
  6. UOAF BMS Session 361 - Saturday [2018-12-01, 1900z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.2 DOWNLOAD MISSION DATA CARD RESERVE YOUR SLOT SITUATION Russian forces have seized Finland with a lightning armored attack. Record snowfall has disrupted supply lines and delayed the Russian offensive. NATO is regrouping and preparing to counter-attack. At 0400, a major DEAD & strike operation will commence, targeting installations near Karuna. We will support this operation by securing the airspace to the north. THREAT ANALYSIS GROUND At least 5x SA-10 battalions near the FLOT Expect multiple SA-17's collocated at those positions Armored, Mech, & HQ battalions employ a variety of SA-19, Shilka, SA-13, SA-8, & towed AAA. Flight below 12k ft AGL in enemy territory is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. AIR POWER (North) Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier54x Su-33 Alta Airbase18x MiG-29S 18x Su-35 18x Su-30MKK (East) Enontekio Airbase18x MiG-29S 16x Su-27 Karuna Airbase18x Su-34 Kittila Airbase18x MiG-29S ***COMMIT RANGES*** Fighters: 40nm <20nm = DANGER! PACKAGE 9281 MISSION: Secure friendly airspace, suppress SAMs threatening the FLOT EXECUTION The AO is divided into two zones, North and South. 1x flight SEAD & CAP is tasked to each zone, and should coordinate their efforts “PAPA BEAR” is a friendly Air Defense emplacement at Bardufoss Airbase – Patriot, Hawk, & AAA. An additional Patriot is stationed at HOME PLATE COWBOY1 push ahead and patrol the FLOT at low level, use terrain masking SNAKE1 & VIPER1 SEAD 1st priority: suspected SA-10 positions covering the FLOT, 2nd priority: pop up SA-17 SHARK1 & STUD1 establish CAP, check in with AWACS Drag bandits towards PAPA BEAR or HOME PLATE RESTRICTIONS Hard deck 12k ft AGL enemy side of FLOT Restricted Airspace 10nm North/East of FLOT RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Declare all contacts with AWACS. Friendly aircraft may be operating in the area, especially in the KARUNA AO COMMS Evenes Tower......UHF 15 308.775 Package..............UHF 17 359.300 WEATHER Morning – daylight Low pressure system moving in from the west 5-10sm vis Overcast/broken ceiling with intermittent light snow As you move east, away from the mountains, conditions improve, cloud cover becomes scattered Not expected to change in the next hour VFR take off and landing is possible RECOVERY EVENES airbase RWY 16 /34 VFR conditions: Overhead break If ILS approach required, use 10DME @4000' MSL for FAF RWY16 ILS frequency: 108.90 TACAN: 067X RWY ELEV: 200’ MSL DA: 400' MSL PREPARATION BVR Tactics – lofting slammers, crank, notch, pump, grinder ADDER Missile defense SA-10 SEAD and defense ILS approaches Data link – assigning targets Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: gasman
  7. Some additional important points: 1. AN/AXQ-14 Pod is required 2. If you lose contact with the bomb... It will just keep gliding towards where you had it pointed. You can regain contact at any time. It is okay to take your time and maneuver your aircraft to a better antenna position. Your #1 priority is to fly your airplane, not fly a bomb. (the backseater is supposed to be doing this but, oh well) Once you are in TERM mode, and you've fine tuned the aiming point, you do not necessarily have to "fly" it all the way to impact. In fact you may turn to other channels and guide other bombs, simultaneously.
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    UOAF - BMS 354 - 1800z

    DEAD lead python1/serpent1
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    UOAF - BMS 353 - 1800z

    serpent 1 or other dead leader
  10. ATTACKING TARGETS USING GBU-15 IN 80'S ITO Go to SMS page, POWER ON THE BOMB. It will take ~3 minutes to initialize.Select your pre-planned target steerpoint.Open the WPN page. ------------------------------------------image 1------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------image 2------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------image 3------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------image 4------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------image 5------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------image 6------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------image 7------------------------------------------------
  11. UOAF BMS Session 342 - Saturday [2018-07-14, 1800z] Theater: UOAF_ITO80s_v2.2.1 RESERVE YOUR SLOT Package 806 - Retaliatory Strike on Syrian Chemical Weapons Program SITUATION Syria has launched a series of desperate air raids against Israeli controlled territories in southern Lebanon. SYAAF fighter/bomber AC departed from Al-Shayrat Airbase, flew at low level through the Bakaa Valley, undetected, before deploying a number of chemical weapons over the densely populated urban center of Kiryat Shmona. Full extent of civilian casualties is still unknown at this time. There were 23,000 people in that city... For the moment, Israeli units hold their positions outside of Damascus and don MOPP gear, awaiting the next gas attack. Enemy forces in Lebanon/Damascus are heavily attrited and retreating east. However, Air Defenses & SYAAF on the Northern Lebanon/Syria border are operating at near full strength. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION 1. Destroy Shayrat Airbase in retaliation for the heinous chemical attack. 2. Neutralize 61st Air Defense Battalion (SA-3), located SW Homs City at Al Qusayr Airbase. 3. Strike Mubarak "Bio-Chemical Plant" in Northern Homs -- intelligence indicates it has been re-purposed to manufacture chemical weapons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXECUTION -Depart Sde Dov, marshal west Sea of Galilee, FENCE, NOE at Hermon Radar Station. -Avoid all engagements with enemy aircraft during ingress. -Maintain EMCON. -CLAW1 4xF-15's will sweep west of Damascus. -Push north in the mountains east of Bakaa Valley. -SPLIT at Steer 7. NIGHTMARE2 kill 61st AIR DEFENSE BATALLION: SA-3 SITE Thence search and destroy AAA emplacements and SA-5 in Homs city. > TARGET: SHAYRAT AIRBASE < HUNTER2 attack AAA emplacements at Shayrat Airbase. Secondary: proceed north to Homs City, seek and destroy targets of opportunity. VAPOR2 Sweep target area of enemy aircraft (MiG-21, MiG-23). FIST2 attack Shayrat Airbase runway and facilities. Use extreme violence of action! > TARGET: CHEMICAL WEAPONS PLANT < HAMMER2 strike Mubarak Bio-Chemical Plant, located on the NW outskirts of Homs City. -Expect target to be defended by heavy AAA. -EXECUTE THE FOLLOWING POP-UP CCIP ATTACK PROFILE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOADOUTS -Flight lead's discretion. -Due to high volume of air combat engagements, AIM-9L supplies depleted... -AGM-45 unavailable, maintenance issues... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PACKAGE ORDER/COMMO/TACAN 1. Hammer2- Flight VHF1, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 11X/74X 2. Fist2- Flight VHF2, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 12X/75X 3. Nightmare2- Flight VHF3, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 13X/76X 4. Vapor2- Flight VHF4, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 14X/77X 5. Hunter2- Flight VHF5, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 15X/78X -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Scattered cumulus 6000' -Caution: Mountain obscuration during ingress -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Meeshun JIPand is on Poh-da-gorsk Event created by: GasM'n
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    UOAF - BMS #331 - 1800z

    scout1 lead
  13. UOAF Session 331 - Saturday [2018-04-28, 1800z] EYE IN THE SKY UOAF ITO80s v2.2.1 Download Theater Reserve Your Slot Situation The storm which disrupted our previous attacks has passed. Syria still has firm control of the Bakaa Valley, and used this opportunity to position its forces and initiate a massive armored counter-attack. Our drones in the vicinity have identified at least 3 armored battalions on the move from the south of the valley. Intelligence reports their intent is to push South and West to capture Ziporen Hart Site. Objective Air interdiction, destroy as many main battle tanks as possible vicinity Valley Alpha and disrupt the counter attack Package 8347 (UOAF) 1. 4xF-14A, USS Vinson "GhostRider" Sweep along the length of the FLOT/ roam where needed 2. 4xF-16A, 117th, Ramat David "Scout 1" Push ahead of the main strike package and hunt for 2xSA-9 and Shilka Mavericks/cluster bombs 3. 4xF-16A - Escort Strike Package from Sde Dov to Valley Alpha "Slick 1" 4. 8xF-16A - Main Sde Dov Strike Package "Turkey1" "Vulture 1" Mk-20d Coordinate, seek and destroy armor in Valley Alpha Supporting Elements 1. F-15C/D, 133rd, Tel Nof - set up high level barcaps along the eastern and north FLOT 2. Kfir, 101st, Hatzor - fly ambush patrols at low level EXECUTION Draw line at PNP Base, South is Valley Alpha/ North of line is Valley Bravo. Bravo is no-fly zone, extremely high SA-6 threat Scout 1 take off from Ramat David 40 miles ahead of the strike package. Find and destroy the two SA-9 and shilkas to increase survivability of strike package. Thence operate as FAC for Turkey-Vulture. Sde Dov element marshal at steer 3 (Sea of Galilee), establish comms with Scout Suggest Turkey-Vulture attack using 30 degree profile, auto-ripple cluster munitions. Flight lead discretion. Turkey-Vulture PRIORITY TARGET: T-62 TANKS Try to catch Enemy Armor in the desert portion of the Valley Alpha for maximum visibility. Ground Threats - SA-9 - Syrians have a small number of these high threat SHORADS recently acquired from the Soviets. x2 Embedded with select armored battalions. Very high value target. - Shilka - x2 at least with each armored battalion. Extremely dangerous AAA with 2nm range - SA-2 - Do not flow east of Eastern FLOT into Syria. High SA-2 threat - Manpads - South of Valley Alpha Air Threats - All enemy airbases operating at 100%. Expect continued large packages of 8+ aircraft from the East and Northeast. - Su-17/20/22 fighter-bombers escorted by MiG-23 and MiG-21 Package Order/Communications/TACAN 1. Scout1 - Flight VHF1, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 11X/74X 2. Vulture1 - Flight VHF2, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 12X/75X 3. Turkey1 - Flight VHF3, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 13X/76X 4. Slick1 - Flight VHF4, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 14X/77X 5. GhostRider - Flight VHF5, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 15X/78X WEATHER Synopsis: Storm dissipated, light winds generally from the west, sky clear or scattered cumulus 12,000' 1200 Local 1300 Local USS Vinson Ramat David Sde Dov -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Meeshun JIPand is on Poh-da-gorsk
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    UOAF - BMS #329 - 1800z

    Panther please gasm'n
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    UOAF - BMS - Thunderdome

    Stay arcade!
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    UOAF - BMS #324 - 1900z

    harrier 2
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