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  1. Good to know. Thanks to everyone for your input and suggestions! Now, maybe, I can get to playing some ARMA...
  2. Welcome! Btw, big shoutout to s4 for an awesome Famil course. From my own experience, if you need help getting your mods and TS setup w/ ACRE, just ask anyone who may be around. Wade is a good go to for any questions.
  3. I tried the suggestion of starting TS3 as Admin and I think that was the issue (derp). I just launched a game using the ARMA3 Launcher w/ all mods loaded and was able to transmit in TS using middle mouse. Will try to load up into a mission and see if that resolves.
  4. When I first noticed the issue, it was after I'd launched ARMA through AddonSync and was waiting in lobby to slot. The mission lead called my name and I clicked middle mouse to respond. However, the mission lead called my name again, as if I didn't respond. At that point, I alt-tab'd out of game, then pressed middle mouse, and responded. At that point, I saw my transmit light come on and the mission lead acknowledged my response. So, it seems whenever I am in game that my TS doesn't register the mouse click. Of note, I also have Overwolf launched more often than not. Could having Overwolf launched cause a conflict?
  5. Ok. In TS, I use Middle Mouse/Scroll Wheel button to transmit. Would that present a conflict with any in-game keybinds (like for inventory menu, etc.), thus causing TS not to transmit?
  6. As far as I can tell, I've been running it NOT as Admin (no shield on the icon). Checked the TS3->Plugins folder, and the acre2_win32.dll & acre2_win64.dll files are already present. Is there a default keybind for voice while using ACRE that you have to setup yourself? Or, do you just set or use the original VOIP setting/keybind in ARMA?
  7. Howdy, all! I'm experiencing some difficulty with either TS3 and/or ACRE. I'm continuously running into trouble speaking over voice while in-game, but can transmit over radio fine. Today was my second mission I've attempted to run, but been unable to communicate. I've used the "Teamspeak setup for use with ARMA 3" (http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/23900-teamspeak-setup-for-use-with-arma-3/) to make some changes, so hopefully that will resolve. I'm currently using TS3 version Thanks for any suggestions to try to help resolve my issue. Thanks!
  8. From SDCC. Freakin' awesome (Audio NSFW).
  9. Name: Ding Class Requested: Familiarization, Fire Team Practical 1 Days Requested (optional): Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays (US EST) Times Requested (optional): Friday: 18:00-21:00, Sat or Sunday: Any Time (US EST) Special Remarks: Although I'm generally familiar w/ milsim ops, I'd like to become more familiar w/ UO's methodology, as well as gain more experience w/ UO's Modpack and ACRE. I can be flexible on times and days, but those timeframes mentioned above are generally when I can dedicate uninterrupted time to training sessions.
  10. Well, gawrsh, you guys know how to make a fella feel special....
  11. What up, UO community? My call sign is Ding. The following video represents how I managed to get that moniker: While, at times, my gameplay is a little herp derp, the name came from my uncanny ability to do this, among other voices, on comms. Spent about a year with 7th Cav to learn how to play Arma 2 in the milsim environment, but RL put the brakes on my gaming for a while. My billet with the Cav was 19K (Armor), so infantry is definitely an area I'd like to improve in. With the Arma 3 Apex release and after seeing UO recommended on Dyslexi's ShackTac page, I thought I'd give it a whirl again. Also, I can do this guy real good: A little about me IRL, I'm in my mid-30's, approaching my first wedding anniversary, and expecting our first child, so trying to get in some good gaming before my life as I knew it comes to an end. Hobbies include PC building, pistol/rifle marksmanship, camping/hiking. My longest experience w/ organized FPS play was with the .:uT:./IIMKI clan in TWL for BF1942/Desert Combat back in the day. I used to play MMO's, including Star Wars Galaxies and WoW, but most of my bro's from those days have moved on to bigger and better. Trying to get a few that I stay in contact w/ to try ARMA, as they were big fans of Operation: Flashpoint. Finally, I used to have a habit of swearing like this guy on comms, but trust me, not that bad any more. Anyway, I'll close with his valuable advice (@0:36): (Yeah, I can do his voice as well). So, look forward to learning more and improving in my Arma 3 gameplay to make the experience a good one. See y'all on the battlefield. -Ding
  12. https://db.tt/SsVOmlZa (public Dropbox link, not sure if it'll work) My ancient relic: Primary Monitor (right): Acer X213H 1920x1080 Secondary Monitor (left): Acer AL2002W 1680x1050 CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz RAM: 4 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 OS: Win10 Pro 64-bit Laptop: ASUS A55VD-NS51 CPU: Intel Core i5-3230M @ 2.60GHz RAM: 6 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 610M OS: Win10 Pro 64-bit Lately, been playing more on the laptop, but I sadly need an upgrade. Side note: Any suggestions for a micro-ATX build that could run ARMA3 well on a budget would be appreciated. I've seen the recent PC Gamer budget build, but I've been out of the loop on building for a while, not too sure what's the best budget tech today.
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