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  1. Switching to Out as I have done the AAR training 8 times. Turbulence is more pronounced in 4.34. 2 of the 8 TEs the tanker turned when connected without warning. No warning when coming out of turn. I can connect in level, and usually stay connected in turn. Just too sketchy to consider flying Sat so out for this one.
  2. I still think AAR at night with our experience is going to really mess timings up so I guess definately avoid on Ingress
  3. Bloody tankers seems to be endlessy turning in 4.34 - both in TE and when I tried in a Campaign
  4. Much more focussed this week. Would love to be there but a slim chance only
  5. Damn switching to out - it will finish too late and I have to be up in the morning and will disturb wife in bed
  6. For MP - You need to map 2 keys for Com 1 and Com 2. The actual comms are taken care of by IVC which is integral to BMS and astarts with it if you are a client and not hosting For SP - it is all shortcut keys to talk to tower, flight etc
  7. Interested. Play a lot with Kanium and produce missions as well
  8. Chrisreb

    UOAF - BMS 366 - 1900z

    SEAD or OCA
  9. Chrisreb

    UOAF - BMS 363 - 1900z

    Tasmo where required
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