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  1. Thanks a lot for the suggestions Dark. I've run out of options to try and there is still an issue. I also can't keep risking crashes every time I want to restart or shut down. Really not sure what to make of this. I'm inclined to wager the TARGET software was not well programmed for the new T.16000m FCS HOTAS. In fact, these controllers seem to work best without any software or drivers at all installed from Thrustmaster. Just as an example, you can see in the picture below that the rudder even if non-existent on the system in question is set as the default throttle axis in the Thrustmaster TARGET software for the T.16000m FCS HOTAS. I haven't yet researched binding Falcon BMS manually but I'll see what I can find tonight throughout tomorrow. From what I've read it isn't a big deal in virtually any other game, where you can fairly easily bind everything in the games themselves. I'm installing Star Citizen now to do some testing and then maybe DCS.
  2. Got a pretty bad issue here if anyone by chance has any suggestions. Sometimes TARGET will fail to launch my profile and hang. When this happens I can close it out via end task. However the program will then not run until a reboot has occurred. The crash hangs a program in the background though, even after ending task so that a reboot isn't possible without a hard reset. The profiler will usually launch my profile after a new reboot. However 9 out of 10 times it will crash upon trying to stop the profile from running. Then, basically the same thing happens, a reboot is required, can't happen because the program is hanging after an end task, a hard reset is required. I tried uninstalling drivers and target with no luck. Thrustmaster will not help with the issue at all, not sure where to go to sort this out.
  3. Oh wow. That's embarrassing. Never even thought to cross reference the diagram. Thanks Tirak!
  4. I'm working on binding this now. I have a bunch of stuff done but I have a few questions. For instance: Uncage - Button - Reverse Throttle By this do you mean to bind a button that will uncage when pressed and reverse throttle when pressed with a modifier? and this: Dogfight/MRM Mode Override- Rocker/Button - UI Next Panel Tab/UI Previous Panel Tab I put dogfight override on the middle finger rocker up and MRM override on middle finger rocker down. I was assuming you meant to apply the UI next and previous functions to the same rocker with a modifier? I do not however see a function called UI Next Panel or UI Previous Panel. Hopefully I am not overlooking it.
  5. This was delivered yesterday. TrackIR and wireless headset should be delivered tomorrow. In the meantime I'm working on settings, learning the TARGET software and binding the HOTAS. Tirak your post will come very handy towards that end, thanks again. I have a little work ahead of me before I'm useful on any kind of mission again
  6. Thanks for the input fellas. Very helpful. I do plan on using TrackIR. Now that I've used it I can never go back! This HOTAS releases Nov 2 as it stands right now.
  7. Thrustmaster t16000 FCS I've dabbled a little bit in both Falcon BMS and DCS. I started with the x55 and it lasted about a month before the throttle became unusable. A couple months later I bought the x52 Pro to try again and within two months it was also having all sorts of issues. Albeit temporarily, I gave up at that point after having spent $450 or so dollars on gear most of which didn't work in short order. I REALLY like both BMS and DCS though. So I've just taken a more conservative approach this time. Seeing what the new generation of HOTAS brings and really going over what's available out there. I do own Star Citizen as well, so that will be a factor when purchasing. Though not as important to me as the sims. Thrustmaster seems to have a solid reputation so I'm considering this new t16000 FCS. The bonus with this is that I want to use dual sticks for Star Citizen and I could swap the T16000 for the left stick and then get something a little more advanced for my right stick. Further down the road I would probably get a better throttle and save the T16000 FCS throttle as a backup. So I'm curious what the professionals here think about the T16000 FCS ability to provide a robust environment for DCS and BMS. I do notice it is shy of buttons when compared to something like the x55. At the same time using the keyboard for button presses doesn't seem like a huge drawback to me. It actually seems a little more realistic as not all your buttons and such are going to be located in and around your throttle and stick on fighter jet, for instance.
  8. Could check the log file and see if there is anything in there. Any issues on other servers? %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3
  9. Thought I'd make a thread to see if we can share Steam ID's etc for playing public matches. I'm pretty open and will play mostly anything. -EUTW -DTAS (I don't get to play this much because it's mostly the euros who favor tactics, first person, cohesion etc... But it's probably my favorite game mode.) -Iron Front wasteland -Would like to try/get into TacBF but I hear it's pretty dead and going through some growing pains atm -BreakingPoint -Wasteland http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198134342057
  10. CPU: AMD FX-8320 OC to 4Ghz RAM: ddr3 1800mhz 8 gig Video Card: MSI R9 380 gaming 4G Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080 SSD: Yes OS: Windows 10 Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 R5 Remarks: Processor overclock is with no voltage or anything else messed with. May try again with a more comprehensive overclock; CPU, 16g memory and graphics card.
  11. I just bought the Audiotechnica AD500X and a MOD Mic. Headphones are pretty nice. Very large sound stage(large ear cup). They are one size fits all, so they automatically adjust to your head size. They fit comfortable but for some reason I think I would rather have the option to adjust the size myself. All in all an excellent purchase for $75. The MOD Mic has good quality. Kind of cool it comes on and off with a magnet and you can setup another mount on your desk, monitor etc. I don't like having the extra wire for the mic. It is extremely annoying. The Mic also pops off the magnetic base pretty easy if you catch the wire on your chair or brush it with your arm. I also wear my headphones in bed occasionally, this is where having a flip up mic would help. What I should do to solve the wire issue is clip both the headphone and mic wire together right up to the headset. That is inconvenient though because if I fall alseep with the headset on the mic boom will easily come detached and be at the whim of my tossing in turning. Overall I don't like the headphone + MOD mic setup. The extra hassle in my opinion is easily worth 20-50 bucks for an all inclusive headphone + mic. The MOD Mic will be handy though in the event a headset broke and the mic doesn't work. Nice backup. For me personally there is no substitute for wireless. My next headset will be wireless with a mic. Everyone always says wireless is no good for gaming. Well I went against the grain and got a G700s mouse for FPS games and I don't notice any lag whatsoever. It is easily the best mouse I have ever owned and I will buy another when she passes away.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3UbFAoYsII https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1785643077&feature=iv&src_vid=i3UbFAoYsII&v=OkliSUIqgAY Well this looks disappointing. I've been looking forward to some DCS and BMS action soon with the new PC. Just need a HOTAS and TrackIR. I have only played both for a few months because I first got the x55 and had the exact same problems reported by the reviewer above. I gave up and was so disgusted with Saitek that I didn't bother trying to return it. I threw it away. Of course I got fairly used to the number of buttons on the x55, was very weary of spending that much again and really didn't want to feel like I was downgrading as the x55 was nice if it had worked as intended. So of course I went against my better judgment and got the x52 Pro because everyone spoke so highly of it. Within a couple months the throttle only worked intermittently. Got rid of the x52 and sold the TrackIR. Now here I am. I want to get back into it but damn the HOTAS market seems like such a disaster. The warthog looks nice. Good reviews. I really don't want to spend 400 on a HOTAS though plus it doesn't have twist. Another 150 for TrackIR and 1-200 for pedals talking 6-700 for a warthog setup. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.
  13. Damn....That second link. That really takes the wind right out of your sails doesn't. Sorry for your loss man!
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