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  1. Python kills: 1xAAA 1xTunguska 1xSA2 1xSA3 2xSA6 1xSA11 1xmiss We did good flight! There are probably still 2-3 SA11 launchers near Zemunik, depending on how many the AI has taken out, but we should be able to suppress them and do OCA next week.
  2. At that range you will be very lucky if you can lock the target in CRM, simply switch to DGFT mode and you will be able to lock him by simply pressing TMS UP once and looking at him with your bore! If you are in a later model which has a HMCS(nob on the lower left panel) you can press and hold TMS UP and look at him with your helmet mounted cueing system, even if he isnt in front of your HUD.
  3. Since I did the last bulk order for UOAF: we had 12 people iirc and one person has to make the order.That person gets a mail with all keys, last time I saved the document and added a reference for whom I gave which key. And just yesterday I got a mail from someone because they lost their key ;D. it was 10€/each for us which was a steal, I doubt you will get such a good offer anytime soon .
  4. Logistics Do I have the ability to host a DCS server (Internet Connection >150mb up/down)? NO Am I willing to attend DCS events?* YES Am I interested in DCS "tactical" seminars taught by UPT trainee Force_Majeure (***DCS: A-10C, M2000C, F-15C, F-5, or Viggen Required) NO *Missions will most likely not be "Bactria" quality scenarios with voice acting, but rather simple, though realistic and well thought out scenarios with randomization, balance, and realistic ops as priorities. We will fly up initial or recover via an instrument or straight in approach on every mission, as an example. Theaters Do I own the Nevada Theater? NO Will I own the Normandy Theater on release? NO Missions Pick one of the following as a preference in your response for this section: Mbot "Dynamic Campaign" Missions Modules List only modules that you own and are willing to fly. I personally own several modules that I would never want to fly in an event. Only list planes you are interested in flying with other people. For your ease all modules are listed below, please don't copy and paste this: Combined Arms Flaming Cliffs 3 A-10C F-15C Black Shark Su-25 Su-27 A-10A
  5. bawki

    UOAF - BMS #283 - 1800z

    I should probably make it, depending on traffic since I am on a business trip from Friday->Saturday.
  6. not sure if you were around on saturday, since I wasnt there myself. But we generally just want people to fly with us once before a saturday event. This allows us to make sure your settings are set up correctly, BMS is quite bitchy when it comes to multiplayer settings and taking care of it during the saturday event takes time.
  7. bawki

    UOAF - BMS #282 - 1800z

    out(wörk wörk)
  8. I might join late and do GCI, given the usual 1hr formup i will probably only be 10-15min late so you guys should still be out of the AO
  9. server save was corrupted at some point, not sure what happened but after you left yesterday the server clock was frozen even though the speed was at 1x. I have reverted the server back to a new save(there is now a block42 squadron in kunsan and a dedicated server squadron in japan). The server will be in 3D 24/7 now, maybe this will work better
  10. bawki

    UOAF - BMS #276

    bawki Panther1-4 please
  11. FYI I have put the server into 2D hosting mode, if you want to test things try to do carrier takeoffs. We had issues in the past with flights blowing up on the carrier when spawning in. Do keep in mind that we might roll back the campaign at some point. Personally I want to test this with 20+ people at some point(including carrier ops) and also modify the campaign to have a dedicated server flight squadron on an otherwise empty airbase(so we can test why the server flight sometimes randomly backs out if it is in 3D)
  12. bawki

    UOAF - BMS #275

    Falcon or ESCORT please
  13. i did 4G in a rollercoaster a few weeks ago, i dont really want to imagine what 7,5G feels like...
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