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  1. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt63-fireforce-fury-v6-r1094? Factory 2 Had no fuel trucks even though designated as an objective. Also consider reducing AI effectiveness. Opfor group names not correct.
  2. Just released a new TVT60, would be great if it could get played during the event!
  3. TVT60 Dragonfire V5
  4. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co73-hc-russian-storm-v6-r1039? Specator broken, performance issues, gear issues, ai placement issues
  5. CO11 Pusta Patrol V3
  6. Spectator Throws script error Consider re enabling debug console, tanks got stuck and admin could not fix them
  7. Make sure your TS and Arma are running with the same privileges: Either both running as administrator, or both not. Arma wasn't running as administrator while teamspeak was when I last encountered acre not syncing to Arma.
  8. We did win the mission though Harold, due to the recon team destroying the remaining guns and the fact that the mechanized push was able to secure the FOB.
  9. Also, like 100 empty parachutes are coming down from the sky on top of people already on the ground.
  10. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co24-aurora-v2-r1145? Blackfish gunship spawns with no fuel, and does not get refueled after AA threat is eliminated. Briefing also states that the Blackfish will be unlocked after the AA threat is destroyed (while it is unlocked from the start), with no mention of fuel.
  11. Won't be able to make it at that time. Good luck!
  12. Would be interested in gunning if I can make the event (depends on time chosen). If too many gunners I could also tank command.
  13. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt42-red-burger-road-v2-r586? Blufor Grenadiers have no usable M203 grenades. Apparently SLs don't have radios, but other members of squad do (Rifleman and Grenadiers)
  14. TVT57 War in Waziristan V5
  15. Mortars did not fire after 6 minutes, fired near immediately.
  16. Ill probably be there. We've got quite a few TVT's up there in higher numbers that haven't been played, so hopefully we can get enough people or maybe invite some other community to join us? TVT 99 BMP Blitz for a fun time. Or Brutal again, that was fun.
  17. I also want to address the claim. For the brief time I was in contact with my SL at the start of the mission, my only objective was to stay on the Northern side of town and watch to the East, leaving me on my own to find the best position to do so. The Original position that I marked on the map was where I thought initially might be a good location, however visibility was poor as the one story house there couldn't even see over the tall wooden fence surrounding it. After fire came in from the South for several minutes, I decided to cross the street to the 2 story house to get tabs on the developing situation to the South, as well as still being able to monitor to the east out of the windows. As far as maneuvering into another squad's AO, 1 squads fall back point was to my immediate west, as made visible by the fortifications they placed there. The building that I was in had no fortifications whatsoever. Even the CO, TinfoilHate when in spectator said that the position that I was in was acceptable. I also did not friendly fire the entire friendly squad as the allegation would appear to claim, only two people. These claims are blatantly false/misleading, and it makes me wonder if there is a malicious intent behind including them. The lack of responses further seems to corroborate this.
  18. So, after reviewing the aar: http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/0550A495C32135BBA4DE0C48E7C9C006 I want to apologize to James, who was the other person that I TK'd even though it did not credit me for the kill. If you skip to 35 minutes and 20 seconds, you can see that I saw an enemy fire team maneuver to the Southern high fence at the edge of the town (Identified by their helmets - as I described before) right on the heels of the remainder of one squad, whose whereabouts were unknown to me at the time. I have prepared an image to show the situation more clearly: Due to the rapid advance of the blufor fireteam to the Southern fence, I believed that they were a trailing element and that an enemy squad was maneuvering along the Western flank (which was false, they were the lead element). So when J0zh appeared around the corner of a building to my due South looking towards the friendly strongpoint, I figured that he had to be enemy as 1 Squad would've maneuvered along the Western side, into the fortified buildings at their fallback position instead of scoping out the friendly strongpoint not along their axis of retreat. This also led me to believe that James, when he appeared around the left side of the building that he was enemy as well. Note that James was also partially concealed by the sandbags placed at the corner so I couldn't get a good look at him. I hope this helps explain the confusing situation clearer, as it was even less clear in the moment due to the dark environment, and lack of communication. Furthermore, I also wanted to say that I would never intentionally seek to ruin a member of this community's experience in game, as many others could corroborate in the year that I have been here. I have been TK'd more times than I can remember and while frustrating, I do realize that accidents do happen and ultimately it is just a game, and I have never sought to pursue action against those that have unintentionally teamkilled me. I want to reiterate that I apologized both in spectator and through TS Pokes after the match (Any officer with TS logs could confirm this) to not only J0zh but also to TinfoilHate, the CO, for this action. (I did not apologize to James because I was unaware of who the second person was until after viewing the aar, and I was already banned by that point). Once again I apologize for my actions to those members involved in the situation.
  19. First and foremost I want to apologize for the TK's once again after apologizing once in game and later in TS. Secondly, I want to explain what happened that led up to this incident. I had been tasked by my SL to move to the Northern edge of the town and watch the road coming in from the East, with no other orders beyond that. The mission was nighttime and without night vision or radios for anyone except those in leadership roles (Both teams wearing arctic gear as well). After watching my sector for several minutes, enemy forces started to lay down fire from the South, a position that I had no visibility over. After waiting for several more minutes while enemy forces engaged the town I went towards the last known location of my squad leader and attempted to make contact to see if he wanted me to shift, but he must of have moved or not heard me. So therefore, I took the initiative to maneuver to a building right across the street from where I had been initially that offered visibility to both the East and South and try to get a bead on the situation. From the window I could observe continuing fire towards the town from the treeline, as well as a wall of multicolored smoke in the field between the enemy forces in the treeline and the town, leading me to believe that they had begun charging through the field (Once again, no radios and a dark environment, very hard to judge the situation) and had killed 1 squad that should have been opposing them. At the town edge there was a 2 meter tall fence in which I believed I had saw a fireteam sized element moving by, and observed a helmet, which I believed to be the British mk6 Arctic camo with netting. Therefore, a couple of minutes later when I saw a man pop out behind a building, I immediately engaged with a GP and killed him (I presume this was Jozh). Believing there to be an enemy squad attempting to infiltrate through that route (which they later did - I killed several of them) I kept firing GP's behind and around the building, and when another man appeared on the right side of the building I GP'd him as well. To my knowledge I was not in 1 Squads fall back position, especially considering they had fortified the buildings to my right - the building that I was in had no fortifications of any measure. Once again I absolutely apologize for the incident that severely affected the mission outcome, and I should have attempted to PID further when I saw the men appear around the building - again I acted impulsively, making a split second decision when I saw contacts 50m away on a situation that I judged to be wrong in a confusing environment.
  20. Tentatively signing up, may not actually be able to make it.
  21. TVT99 BMP Blitz V2
  22. Updated version: Download Link should have new version. Fixed a typo/misspelling Changed position of markers in drop down menu to appear after vanilla ones (Thanks TinfoilHate!)
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