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  1. TVT44 Kalithea Killers V4
  2. Sure, haven't ever had any bad experiences with Nighttripz.
  3. Had a lot of fun today, thanks to everyone who showed up!
  4. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/cotvt26-lumberjack-bushwack-v3-r1261? No slots
  5. Any indication if AI can see through the bushes/vegetation that is very prevalent on the map?
  6. Script errors constantly appearing throughout the mission
  7. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt30-hill-defence-v1-r1274? -Opfor RPG Gunners have RPG scopes on AKs -Suggest replacing tandem heat rounds for more useful rounds as per the situation. -Duplicated 343 radios
  8. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt45-the-squeeze-v1-r1278? -Listed as TVT45 but has 48 slots -Everyone has binoculars on Blufor -Briefing does not give accurate count of # of vehicles -Suggest stating number of mortar rounds available for blufor briefing -Blufor UAV operator needs control terminal -Suggest using non-dlc drone
  9. Post any feedback, images, stories, and videos of the event here. GM console screenshots throughout the event: https://imgur.com/a/4h5y5 https://imgur.com/a/fF3fc
  10. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt42-fourth-step-v14-r422? Automatic rifleman have no weapons BTR numbers are incorrect
  11. COTVT24 The Device V2
  12. Attackers have ability to place sandbag walls (most likely not intentional)
  13. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt32-visibility-zero-v3-r670? Spectator Broken
  14. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/cotvt18-nondescript-nera-v18-r269? BTRs did not advance, opfor players had to move them. Consider making Opfor vehicles locked to players.
  15. Blufor can see Opfor's spawn.
  16. One of the most horrendously balanced missions I've seen. Attacker's vehicles were near indestructible, and their incredible zoom and thermal optics allowed the attackers to roll over the defenders.
  17. Opfor briefing contradicts itself, has missing pictures, and lists Perfk as the mission maker.
  18. TVT48 Breaking Even V2
  19. Abstaining until I am able to interact with you as I have no idea who you are now or what you were like back then.
  20. Weapons squad MG gunner spawns with M4 instead of M240. Everyone is a private, recommend assigning ranks.
  21. Part of the reinforcements were only visible well after we had started to extract and nearing the fallback point after eliminating the initial patrol, would recommend reducing by about 2 minutes if you want pressure to be applied on the players.
  22. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co04-caf-ambush-v10-r1225? Hint appears when activating laser. Briefing marker is outside of the AO. Everyone spawns with 2 pairs of NVGs. Might be a good idea to shorten the time before additional opfor arrives.
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