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  1. CO17 Autumn Morning HC V2
  2. CO43 Defend Pustoshka Chernarus Autumn - Kicks back to mission screen, uses toadball gear.
  3. If you want to check if their mods/acre are working, just use SRV3, it should be always on. Just load a default or vanilla mission.
  4. Co23 Island Thunder V1 Altis - ACRE error that broke radios near start of mission, no JIP
  5. Co33 Berezino Siege Chenrarus - No slots
  6. CO27 The Ambassador Remake V1 Chernarus Chedaki BTR 60 breaks mission, throws back to mission selection screen
  7. CO11 Stalling Time V1 Rosche Main AI attack on opfor with trucks never comes, russian reinforcements go behind friendlies and into town
  8. Recommend you also advertise this on discord.
  9. Nothing, the server is up all the time. You just need to gather people to play, advertising would be a good start. Blue and I did weekday sessions on Wednesdays last summer, unfortunately I don't have the time for it now.
  10. TVT32 Derailed Rosche- No Slots
  11. TVT28 Reclamation PR FATA - No description in slotting screen, 2 blufor platoon leaders, AO not suited for suppression mod
  12. TVT44 Flash HC V2
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