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  1. Recommend you also advertise this on discord.
  2. Nothing, the server is up all the time. You just need to gather people to play, advertising would be a good start. Blue and I did weekday sessions on Wednesdays last summer, unfortunately I don't have the time for it now.
  3. TVT32 Derailed Rosche- No Slots
  4. TVT28 Reclamation PR FATA - No description in slotting screen, 2 blufor platoon leaders, AO not suited for suppression mod
  5. TVT44 Flash HC V2
  6. CO18 BDA Ford HC V1.1 - only has 16 Playable Slots
  7. CO20 Narcos Tanoa - Helicopter crew has no radios and no rack Edit: Disregard, didn't know about new intercom interface at the time
  8. Based on AC337's unwillingness to become a regular (and the fact that this poll was put up without his consent), I am voting no.
  9. CO56 Civil Defense Chernarus Winter - Kicks back to slotting screen on loading
  10. TVT31 CS Hotel - Several slots in 1'1 Blufor have no gear
  11. Did you test it on a dedicated server? I would support this, and it has been shown to the GSOs over the past several months.
  12. TVT60 The Beast - SVBIED Doesn't work, Tank spawns with no ammo.
  13. TVT62 Get Greg - On Opfor people have 343s and SEM52s (Duplicate Radios) No AI Drivers on OPFOR No Radio Scramble Was this mission even tested?
  14. On TVT42 Pillar of Ohmen Also end condition was messed up
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