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  1. Ok as promised here I am to announce that I finally found the culprit. Turns out it was RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server. To be fair the program was always asking me to update it but it always chose awkward times to ask, right after bootup. Anyways, I just uninstalled the program and played Arma all day not a single freeze. To recap ; Problem : Arma would freeze every 10 mins or so while playing online. Solution : Uninstall RTSS Novak out.
  2. I did file check, all it manage to do was revert my custom theme Anyway, I spent 60 European bucks on a brand new headset, just to find out it isnt the issue. Now I'm even having the freeze when no headset is connected. Ill come back when I have a fix
  3. Did you look into your rpt files for log when your freezes occur?
  4. Found the problem. Turns out it was my usb headset making the game freeze. Full story Due to negligence, my usb headset wire got broken from all the twisting. So sometimes, if I move the wire, my usb would disconnect and reconnect. This was fine with other games like the Witcher 3 but not for Arma 3 which would just lose sound untill restart. I fixed the wire by just replacing the broken section. No more disconnects and reconnects. Everything was fine. With my system, with other games. Except for Arma 3. Which would sometimes just freeze. This was about the time Apex rolled out So I thought it was Apex. Recently, Windows decided to give me some BSOD, mentionning the iusb3something.sys as the problem. I thought I might try to play Arma 3 with the usb headset disconnected. I did and no freezes for more than 2 hours so, hurray.
  5. I have the WD1002FAEX Thats uh Western Digital, Sata 3 1TB at 7200 RPM, Is this the part you tell me to go SSD ?
  6. My specs ; i5-4690K cloked at 3.5GHZ GTX 970 16gb ram at 1600MHZ mobo ; ASUS Z97-P Maybe I'm not experiencing the FPS bug after all, my game does run fine between the freezes.
  7. Hello guys, Have anyone here encountered the "fps bug"? Basically everything runs fine for a couple of minutes, going from 12 to 30 minutes then the game freezes/hangs for a couple of seconds, up to one minute then resumes. Keeps on running fine then at some point freezes again. When the game freezes, my operating system is responding. I can tab out if playing in windows mod. I noticed that arma 3 just goes into background process, not using any CPU. The freeze happens no matter the server, vanilla or modded. I don't know if it happens on single player. My game was fine before Apex rolled out, some time after Apex I started having the issue. I've been very patient. For a long time I didn't even have a name for what I was experiencing. So was very hard to find info on it. As time went on my patience grew thin. So i searched on the net and finally got a name "FPS BUG" There are a lot of info out there, a lot of suggestions that supposedly fixed the issue for some people. (Disabling Intel VT-x, setting memory allocator to system, setting a max mem ) None worked for me. So i waited for the 64-bit update with the same eagerness a 9 year old would wait for his parents to go to sleep so he can sneak into the living room and watch some porn (don't even try to pretend you haven't done it). Anyways, 64-bit is here and it hasn't solved the fucking problem goddammit. So i turn to you, brothers in arms. Please, heeeelp meeeee.
  8. Ingame/Form Name : Novak.M/NovakM CO? : No Squad lead? : Yes Regular or donor? : No
  9. I used the Bohemia's unit website. arma3.com/unit Played the March 19th TVT event with you guys, didn't know what was going on but I had fun and was amazed by the player count I thought I had to wait till the next event to play. Asked Headshot when and why not more frequent. He said every 3 weeks or so and people would turn up less if the events were more often. It made sense So I took some UOTCs while stalking the calendar for the next event. I saw the Arma Thursday event on the calendar, turned up and learned that guys actually play every weekend. It made even more sense.
  10. Surprised its only a 5 spot class. Cant wait for the next FO course.
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