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  1. In for ground attack. I can potentially lead if no one else steps up but I would prefer a 2 or 4 slot
  2. In for Weasel 2 lead.
  3. UOAF DCS Session 8 - Sunday [2018-08-05, 1800z] Reserve Your Slot Here Theater: Caucasus AI / CAP June 29, 1992 - 10:30 local. Mission: THE INVASION HAS BEGUN... Russian forces have begun to pour across the border into Abkhazia and seize territory. Our special forces were able to sneak in and destroy some bridges stopping the Russian advance but it is unknown on how long that will stop them. Currently they are leading the charge with three companies of T-80 tanks and stopping those tanks are key. In addition, they are being reinforced with several motorized divisions coming in from the north along the coast. Current disposition of Georgian and Abkhazian forces is unknown so a no-fire zone has been declared in Sukhumi, it is open season on the marked areas on the map far below.... Uzi1 and Pontiac1 will act as escort for the strike package and perform a BARCAP East and West of the target area while the CAS is on station. Hawg1 will prioritize on the T-80 companies currently stopped on the road and eliminate as many of the tanks as possible. Enfield1 and Colt1 will prioritize on the motorized groups on the roads heading into Abkhazia and support Hawg1 as needed. Flight Priorities and notes: Fill flights in this order: Enfield1, Hawg1, Uzi1 and Pontiac1, Colt1 Uzi and Pontiac can be interchangeable depending on number of Mirage pilots. Be sure to take off from runway 25, not runway 07. Taxi to the right, not to the left. All flights have a common waypoint 2 which is the bullseye for this mission. A-10’s should skip this waypoint. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES OF ENGAGEMENT WEAPONS FREE (Conditionally): Russian aircraft are ONLY to be fired upon if they breach the Abkhazia border, or if they conduct hostile actions against USMC or Georgian aircraft/Ground Forces. VID OR DECLARE BY AWACS: Hostile actions against any aircraft must be supported by visual ID and/or AWACS declaration. NO TRESPASS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: THE RUSSIAN BORDER IS NOT TO BE TRESPASSED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Political relations with Russia are strained (to say the least) and this could lead to war in other parts of the world. NO CLUSTER MUNITIONS OR HIGH ALTITUDE CCRP RELEASES IN ANY CITY LIMITS: We need to limit civilian casualties at all costs even if the Georgians don't give a shit we do. As such command has decided to forbid cluster munitions and high altitude releases on targets in city limits. THREATS: MANPADS -- Lots / ZSU23-4 Shilka -- Several MIG-21BIS & MIG-23MLD, fielded by Russia, have once again been trespassing Georgian airspace over the past day offensive action is still deemed unlikely... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Package Order/Weapons/Communications 1. Uzi1 - 4-ship F/A-18A Flight comms: COM2 Ch.1/123.100mHz-AM TACAN: 11X/74Y/74X/11Y Loadout: 2x AIM-7M, 6x AIM-9M, 2x 330gal. fuel tank 2. Pontiac1 - 4-ship Mirage 2000C Flight comms: RED Ch.2/123.200mHz-AM TACAN: 12X/75Y/75X/12Y Loadout: 2x Super 530D, 2x Magic II, 1x 1300l. fuel tank 3. Enfield1 - 4-ship F/A-18A Flight comms: COM2 Ch.3/123.300mHz-AM TACAN: 13X/76Y/76X/13Y Loadout: 8x MK-82’s, 2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank 4. Colt1 - 4-ship F/A-18A Flight comms: COM2 Ch.4/123.400mHz-AM TACAN: 14X/77Y/77X/14Y Loadout: 8x MK-82’s, 2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank 5. Hawg1 - 4 ship A-10A* (cough A-10C cough) Flight comms: VHF: 123.500mHz-AM Loadout: 2x AIM-9M, 4x AGM-65D, 4x MK-82LDGP Darkstar - E2-D AWACS - COM1 Ch.Guard (G)/243.000mHz-AM Package - COM1 Ch.17/251.000mHz-AM Stennis - COM1 263.000mhz-AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather/Time Partially Cloudy, moderate wind, very light showers scattered throughout the region 10:30h local, morning -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum competencies will be enforced for this event. Come with patience and willing to learn. Simple Radio Standalone WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously. Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 15:00z. Meeshun JIP and is on Poh-da-gorsk - Good luck out there you'll need it
  4. 71stAHEagle

    UOAF - DCS 7 - 1500z

    Colt 1-1 as requested.
  5. With Flukey.
  6. Cowboy, no preference on position in that flight.
  7. In for Darkstar if possible.
  8. 71stAHEagle

    UOAF - DCS #5 - 1500z

    Pig flight, will lead if Force doesn’t show up.
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