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  1. Great idea, much appraciated. Thank you for putting me on the list! I already have my own copy. See you on upcoming events.
  2. Hammy


    Thank you for your warm welcome and information provided guys. See you at event then! Hammy
  3. Hammy


    Hello, I´m 22y old regular guy from Czech Republic, Prague. I´ve flown couple sims before Falcon. I´ve self-studied Falcon for 6 months (quite frustrating tbh), then got in touch with Czech Falcon community, and flown with them for couple months. I´ve seen a lot videos ft. members of your squad. I like experience, teamwork, organization, that you are showing and pulling of. And most importantly, you´re having fun. I´ve already read minimum competencies, and I believe that I fulfill most of it. The thing is that english is not my native language, I have minimum knowlege of Brevity and even though I studied SOP of weapon delivery, navigating and just flying in general, I want to fly „properly“, its something I cannot acomplish with self learning, I think. I hope I can join you in virtual skies soon! Regards Hammy
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