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  1. well, top of my mind would be give these assets names and place a condition where they must be brought in a trigger area.
  2. Last time i made a mission called Hearts and Mind against insurgents mixed with civilians at night, US forces pounded the village with M60s from 600m. Had they access to mortars im rather sure they'd level the place down. In general, Ive never seen civilians well treated on UO matches.
  3. Admittedly I did not know what the specific of this particular BTE were. I thought it was something radical and serious. If what you wrote is the thick of it then this is nothing much more than a compulsory famil course. I fail to understand how this can solve any of the problems listed in this thread. Don't know if this proposal ever made it outside Regular's space so if it is the case I will not apologize for speaking my mind about something that made sense at least to me.
  4. A barrier to entry only has any effect if Regulars are willing to babysit each and every new entry and instructing them to take their place and following them like hens follow their chicks. Taking in fewer people and letting them be is just choking the community to death. It's a hefty commitment.
  5. I'd subscribe to a milder version of what Cake (and some other) wrote, due to the fact that no one actually have ever been "rude" to me, but there's a lot of high expectations and no so much tools of growth offered, and this leads to a circlejerk of demands and frustration that leads to general unhappiness. The game itself is old, there's people that easily have played it 10 years straight, and one can be worn down and become grumpy like one of those old couples that pick fights all the time but cant split because of habit. The game itself is, well, a game, and it boils down to the same stuff day in and day out: clear the area defend the area, take the town defend the town, attack the convoy defend the convoy, kill the HVT defend the VIP etc. I would also like to point out that the seeder missions (which should be unvaluable tools for keeping the server going) as they are built ask to be misplayed and are everything that UO should not be: i restarted playing by a few weeks after a mix of bugs and burnout and i enjoyed playing Escape quick missions on random vanilla servers: the least amount of strategic fuss and the top of tactical professionalism and coordination, which is much more i can ask from a pick up group of randoms and so much more than i ever got from seeder missions on primary. I wish we would use that as seeder TBH, i played a few times alone hoping someone would join but a nameless dude alone on Primary isnt much of a lure. Lastly i'd also like to address the discomfort i have relating to the forum. I use the web since 1994, and i am a forum user, and admin'ed a few myself. This said, I dont understand most of warnings handed out, I really fail to understand the rationale behind them, i also took a few myself and besides castrating some good helpful and meaningful discussions (as far as i was concerned at least) i failed to see any other function (whereas on the discord everything goes). Which is somewhat a good representation of the issues i have with UO: someone tries to do something (in good faith) and a thunderous voice comes down and says "it is wrong you are wrong your efforts are not required, nor necessary, nor, all in all, really welcomed". Generally speaking, what i see in UO is a high level expectations, too much bureaucracy, lots of dont's, not really many can's, great attention on picking other people's failings but not much in terms of helping people improving. I dont see how lashing out at the new guys can help: new guys are required for any community, if they are a problem then the fault is of those whom are supposed to handle them, you cannot really expect newbies showing up and already knowing the things you want them to do, as if it were some kind of gospel taught in sunday schools around the world (and famil courses dont really fit the bill). Leadership courses could improve things at least in game, if the general attitude in accepting mistakes improves.
  6. I wont be able to attend this night, i have unexpected guests at home
  7. Quite OT, but i'd rather differ. The risk is that better, longer time players would band up in veteran units and creating as a consequence noobsquads, and also taking potential leaders away.
  8. Quick note: i believe i was the only one with issues with mortars, and the fault was totally mine due to an incorrect setting of A3S.
  9. Not sure what i can add to the topic, but ill write it anyways. I have been absent from UO and Arma for three months ballpark, a little before the crashes happened. I've been playing Arma for 8 years nonstop now and the crashes made my "arma fatigue" much much worse. I know I am a very bad at testing, because i cant stand things not working and not being able to do anything (i once tried beta testing a game: never ever more). This, joined with some incumbent unclear stuff i could have been called to do on event day, made me postpone my signing up till 10 minutes before Blue closed the rosters. So Blue was so kind to find me some spots, and i was so glad to see that missions #1 and #2 didnt crash. Even though i always cared to keep the repo updated through A3S the repo name change from "UO primary yadda yadda" to "test" changed the modset name too, but I didnt realize until well into mission #1, so I couldnt see BAF items in my inventory that were needed for the mortar section. So, message to mission maker for mission #1: my fault, not yours. I thought that i could have been able to disconnect, reconnect and reslot to find myself to the same spot where i disconnected in the first place, so i disconnected to try and correct this issue, but i respawned back to base where a Blackhawk brought me where the mortars were supposed to be. Problem was LZ was white hot, no one from mortar team was there and the position had probably been overrun, so me (and huntersaurus i think) have been mowed down. On mission #2 i was driver on the leading Abrams for Red platoon. As a driver i had a very limited SA so i tried to do my best with what Dezel commanded me to do. Lots of compliments to him as he juggled commanding the tank leading our platoon and coordinating with high comand on three different nets: he did it splendidly. To mission maker #2 I would advise for the future stating clearly on mission notes how precisely ACE repair is set: there are several different settings that are all viable and knowing it beforehand is crucial for repair management. I sat out for mission #3 cos it was so very late for me and i am an old man and i need rest. Again kudos kudos kudos for this event. It made me happy to see so many people taking part to the event. TBH seeing the server population steady on the low made me think that this event could have been the nail on the coffin for Arma in general as this game population in general is declining and the crashes had come in the worst moment possible, but rather than being pissed for the 40 people not showing i am grateful for the 90 actually showing up. Performance-wise both missions were much like normal weekend missions, probably the mixed effect of the x64 executable and crash debugging made miracles. I experienced a very few Acre packet losses, really negligible stuff compared not only to the last botched event but also to normal gaming nights. Keep up with the good work everyone!
  10. Well you can go off border as well, no one will notice since it's all frikkin yellow sand all the same...
  11. That was the idea. Hills, little woods, several farms and tilled fields, Fulda itself with the US Army airport nearby. If i were looking for a big empty flat space id go on desert.
  12. When i tried doing one (before realising what was really necessary and laugh at myself for even thinging about it) i found that the area around Fulda of the renowned Fulda Gap in Germany (with Fulda on the left side of the map) could have been a nice place to have some WWIII armoured clashes.
  13. Not only that, for a time (and i dont know about it now but i have heard it's still going on) JSRS and sounds mods allow you to hear things further away that those that dont have it. Which i find unfair since one match every two is a TVT.
  14. Almost my thoughts.Even taking away the glitches and off-the-game incidents that can happen, there is still the event to get crippled permanently even after a medical intervention which is perplexing as it is. Wouldnt you be removed as a casualty if not on the direst of circumstances in RL? Wouldnt a player be a dead weight to any unit he gets attached to? What could he possibly do, except guarding the proverbial fuel barrel? If this were the kind of community that plays one mission for a whole gaming night one could try and find a niche where he could be helpful, but given our missions are time limited i dont think that there would be any space for handicapped players around, expecially if there are ending condition regarding casualty percentages. I am not completely convinced, TBH.
  15. could someone ragdoll and leave his weapon and then get revived? is this a thing?
  16. No. LHDs dont need to stay off the shores that far. They have a wet well for launching ships, and a platform for helicopters. Whatever escort it has there is no need for that to come close. We are not talking about supply ships or fuel tankers. We are talking about this: LHDs are sustainable. This is an expeditionary strike group As you see, there's nothing ground shattering (in the literal sense of having naval guns battering from 50 km away). This is all Arma stuff. There's nothing that can solve any mission from 30 km far off. All you need for that are landing ships. Burnes LCACs and Mk10s are not reliable but she said she was about to put her mind to that again soon. But there is no doubt whatsoever that a LHD/LHA fits Arma to a T whereas a carrier is way more tangent.
  17. All those things are very well portrayed on BMS, with the right scale, time and scope. Arma doesnt have any of that. For it not to be "ridiculous" should be placed 20/30 km off the map, invisible to anyone but the one guy who can """"""fly"""""" at 400kts and 18000 feet. Oh, and good luck going back there for rearming. Whatever there is in flying a F18 on Arma except for CAS or SEAD, it all simmers down to a single sweep. That's all you can hope to do on a F18 on Arma, if you dont plan to CAP all alone over Altis and engage in dogfights over the head of your squadmates with another stranded lone wolf, and then you'd need the whole northern Aegean sea and hope to win because if you lose your fellow soldiers down are possibly dead. Let me underline that: one player screws up, all the other are likely to be dead. All because one or a few players that want to play BMS on the wrong game. I already said it, let me repeat myself: it is already hard to deal with attack helicopters which you dont usually see on missions, because two average competent players on one of them can take on 30 enemies. Because carriers dont sit in the middle of salted nothing all alone but ready to send ONE F18 to do stuff on an island you can stroll across in an afternoon in real life (will it be a hour in game?). All those simulations you mention are done in such a bland ways that it's just for whomever fancies to fly that plane's sake and nobody else. A carrier moves with a company whose firepower can sink Altis without a single person needing to leave any of the ships. Carriers and fighter jets operate on a plane which is completely different from Arma's. Tanks and helicopters move TOGETHER with infantry, an F18 is alone and maybe meets the infantry but for a second on the battlefield, possibly having one player to play alone, and all the other to be his co-stars. Yes of course anything can be done, just suspend your disbelief enough and you can accept anything. Myself, dont think i'd like to stretch my disbelief that much. I would prefer we would stick to helicopters, which move in the same context of everything Arma is and does, are sufficiently simulated in both avionics and flight model, and that nevertheless i seldom see any in our missions at all. And, from a mission maker's point of view (and i am not a good mission maker, so take this opinion for what's worth) balacing an AH-64 or a Ka-52 is hard, because two people can take away 20-30 riflemen easy enough. If all you need is a staging area, then you are looking for an LHD. Again, i amount to nothing in this community, and my opinion has no weight at all. But this against fighter jets on Arma is a personal pet peeve of mine. I dont want to take away the fun from anyone's game. I know i wouldnt enjoy that if i were to play a mission with that setting, and i dont think that is milsim enough, thats the beginning and the end of it. Maybe it's just that im lacking imagination, thing is it's not up to me to decide and ill be glad to be proven wrong.
  18. Not only that: i dont know if it was to fit them in said poststamp size maps or because of the BI engine, fixed wing aircraft flight model makes them "fly" like air balloons, they literally float around. They are terrible to see and out of place, as well as out of place is a carrier 3 km away from the coast of the place they operate. Yes i know that you can place stuff outside the border, but that's terrible to think of in any case: a single carrier without a group or missile/artillery coverage sitting at a swimming distance out at the sea launching 30 guys on an operation or a single aircraft. We seldom have helicopters as an attack asset, i suppose because they are terrible to balance, i dont even want to think about a carrier and F18s. In any case, just my opinion.
  19. pls no jets on our modpack, let's keep it milsim... besides, i already asked for a few naval assets, like the LHD and a few land carriers like the Mk10 and LCAC. It seems that Burnes came back active from his/her life change so i hope to put my dirty hands on those landing assets...
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