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  1. Well I've been playing it a lot since my post and most of the time sitting alone in TS, nobody ever joined me I like doing solo stealth but it gets boring once you've done all the stealthable heist in every difficulty :/ Add me on steam if you are still up for it. It's Drekal
  2. I had problems like that back when I was playing DayZ (a long time ago) Usually, disabling my firewall for the time of the connexion would fix it. You can give it a try.
  3. Well I just bought all the Heist DLC I didn't have. If anybody wants to play again, you know where to find me
  4. Not much to see in that teaser but the part of history this movie will cover is quiet interesting.
  5. Anybody in UO is still playing this game or want to play it again ? I'm very interested in playing it again but it's just not as fun with randoms :/ (Sorry for pulling this thread from the abyss of the forum)
  6. I personnaly dislike playing more than 2 TvT's in a row. They are mostly short engagement after a long briefing and a long walk. I'd rather play coops all the time because they mostly offer multiple engagement and "tell a story". But all tastes are different I guess. I would love to see low count missions to seed the server or just play with 4 or 5 people for more than 5 minutes. Weekdays are dead
  7. Piloting a Hellcat wearing flipflops, badass.
  8. Forgot this one : Zone of the Enders Bring me back to my childhood so much I cried when I listened to it for the first time in 15 years.
  9. Please don't ! It might be because I am colorblind but the red is ripping my eyes out and I'm unable to read it.
  10. I actually think your briefing is really nice, you added colors which make it easier to read, described how you've setup ace medical etc. I think most people don't read briefings entirely because they are mostly too long and contain too many non-relative mission info making it sometimes, a pain in the ass to read. (I stopped counting the number of "command and signal" tabs I decided to not read because they show informations for like 3 companies even though it's a 20 player mission ...) I know it gives a feel of authenticity to the thing and other people might like it, but I don't.
  11. So many awesome soundtracks ! Payday 2 : Mass Effect : Dishonored
  12. Something I'm listening to for the moment. A bit weird but I learned to love it.
  13. When your medic get obliterated by a direct hit from a GP but you can't run and you don't know where the morphine is :
  14. I guess we will mostly be playing on Tanoa after its release. So you'll need it.
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