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  1. Looking into it, it seems there are multiple different game modes the main being the 250 vs 250. I think there is also a king of the hill mode, looked interesting to me.
  2. So this was just announced this week, possibly looking for people who may be interested in the 'Arena' style madness. unsure on what this game wants to achieve at the moment. If it turns out to be not to bad I think it would be a fun off hours mess around game to play. I have seen it on steam and below is a eurogamer link about the game currently. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-12-12-planetside-arena-is-battle-royale-for-up-to-500-players cheers, Hunter
  3. Yes Rusty is always good to play with and always behaves well
  4. Slider, I understand what happened as I was in spectator with you, kail and the above when this happened. This isnt a matter of 'favour' or 'twisted' its just a matter of how you conducted yourself after you were killed. I had to ask a few times for you too cool down before you stopped with the rage. Dying on the primary can be annoying at times but we must remember that it is only a game and has no attachment to real life people. Apart from the rage in spectator you were fine for the rest of the evening.
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