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  1. I'm getting my ass kicked by this game.
  2. I'd like to be included as long as friendly fire is enabled in the sequel.
  3. TimePointFive I'd like to request a waiver since I've attended a good chunk of a famil course and have 60+ hours in UO servers.
  4. I'll definitely be in once I pick up the game.
  5. I had the same problem, here's how I fixed it! open the 'Settings' tab in TS3 Choose 'Plug-ins' Highlight 'ACRE2' Click 'Settings' Turn up both sliders until volume is good in-game (mine are about 75%). Restart TS3 I see you said you played with these settings, but I thought I'd type them up for anyone else with this issue. Also, try boosting playback volume in TS3 and turning effects volume down from within Arma 3. Hope this helps!
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