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  1. Fun mission! Different from all the rest. Definitely reduce AI's fighting skill, maybe a 50 cal. on some of the An-2s? That'd spice things up a bit.
  2. I played Goram for the first time last night and I thought it was a really well made mission. It was target rich, holds a high amount of players, includes armor, and is fought over interesting terrain. The one thing that I find was very different and unique about this mission though was that right at spawn you can hear gunfire from very close and it makes you feel already immersed in the situation. Not many missions can do that as a regular mission takes 15 to 20 minutes before receiving contact. I think Goram is a fantastic mission and deserves praise. I hope that many missions that are being created now can use the elements that Goram has perfected and hopefully make themselves even better. TL;DR Put spawn close to objective. User received a warning point for this post.
  3. Oh yeah everyone was shooting at him from inside the Hotel in Chernagorsk but the glass is impossible to shoot through so we just all watched as the helicopter got shot down in front of us.
  4. Good luck with the CFA the Series 7 doesn't have anything on that!
  5. Great mission, awesome feel and lore to it. I think it should be a 100% casualty rate on both side for mission end.
  6. That's really nice. He probably works with a really good firm who I hope treats him as good as he treats his clients. My family was freaking out and I'm pretty sayisfied so hopefully one day I'll be successful like all the stories I hear about people. And I'll check out Liars Poker.
  7. Just went in for the series 7 exam and passed it with an 83!!! The passing grade is a 72 so it was an amazing feeling knowing I passed by a good margin. Had a good conversation on the anniversary Saturday with Blunt about stocks and felt like we both learned a bit about each other in it, he's a cool guy! Anyway sorry for coming here just to brag but hopefully I'll be able to play soon once the schedule starts to lighten up because this community really is my favorite thing to do.
  8. If you paid attention long enough you could have saw Sacher destroying an entire squad of attacking Russians, him being a Russian himself just with a slightly different uniform
  9. Holy cow thanks! I actually was just freaking out wondering why the account I posted this with wasn't logging in haha! Thank you so much Impulse, hope to see you on the field.
  10. Hey saw all of you guys yesterday during the 6th anniversary of the start of UO and I probably had more fun squad leading for KingBeaver, and Max, than I ever did as a rifleman for the past three years. Quick question though, if I wanted to change the name on this account from ILoveTacoBell to my actual name now of StevenIsCalm how would I go about doing this so people would find me easier? I have another account under StevenIsCalm but it doesn't show all my past history that I want to keep. Thanks! I'll be back in a few hours to respond to everyone that posts on here.
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