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  1. lol didn't realize all my markings were showing up on everyone else's map. Should've used Veh chat
  2. TVT37 Setting Up Shop
  3. Yeah this sounds pretty great. Is this still running at all and if not would anyone like to start it up again? I could also see this as an opportunity to reintegrate tactics and skills that have been slowly fading away among the wider server population without an official training.
  4. No problem, will do. Were there any other problems?
  5. so this is what I have so far: _westCasualty = "Azerbaijan" call FNC_CasualtyPercentage; _eastCasualty = "Armenia" call FNC_CasualtyPercentage; _apc = ["namer1", "namer2", "namer3"]; _crate = ["crate1", "crate2", "crate3"]; _truck = ["ural1", "gaz1", "gaz2", "landrover"]; _reptruck = ["rep1", "rep2"]; _controlambush = ["WEST" == "ambush" call FNC_isCaptured]; _VPazeri = //ajerbaijan's victory points {alive _x} count [_apc inAreaArray azBase]*20 +\ {alive _x} count [_crate inAreaArray azBase]*1 +\ {alive _x} count [_truck inAreaArray azBase]*3 +\ {alive _x} count [_reptruck inAreaArray azBase]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [fueltruck inArea azBase]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [tank inArea azBase]*15 +\ {alive _x} count [BRDM inArea azBase]*8 +\ while(_controlambush) do ( {alive _x} count [_apc inAreaArray ambush]*20 +\ {alive _x} count [_crate inAreaArray ambush]*1 +\ {alive _x} count [_truck inAreaArray ambush]*3 +\ {alive _x} count [_reptruck inAreaArray ambush]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [fueltruck inArea ambush]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [tank inArea ambush]*15 +\ {alive _x} count [BRDM inArea ambush]*8 ); ; _VParm = //armenia's victory points {alive _x} count [_apc inAreaArray hideout1]*20 +\ {alive _x} count [_crate inAreaArray hideout1]*1 +\ {alive _x} count [_truck inAreaArray hideout1]*3 +\ {alive _x} count [_reptruck inAreaArray hideout1]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [fueltruck inArea hideout1]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [tank inArea hideout1]*15 +\ {alive _x} count [BRDM inArea hideout1]*8 +\ {alive _x} count [_apc inAreaArray hideout2]*20 +\ {alive _x} count [_crate inAreaArray hideout2]*1 +\ {alive _x} count [_truck inAreaArray hideout2]*3 +\ {alive _x} count [_reptruck inAreaArray hideout2]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [fueltruck inArea hideout2]*10 +\ {alive _x} count [tank inArea hideout2]*15 +\ {alive _x} count [BRDM inArea hideout2]*8 ; _VPtot = //total victory points {alive _x} count [_apc, _crate, _truck, _reptruck, fueltruck, tank, BRDM]; if (_VParm/_VPtot >= 0.6) exitWith { "Decisive Armenian Victory<br />Materiel was successfully captured" call FNC_EndMission; }; if (_westCasualty >= 80) exitWith { "Decisive Armenian Victory<br />Azerbaijani forces have retreated due to casualties." call FNC_EndMission; }; if (_eastCasualty >= 80) exitWith { "Decisive Azerbaijani Victory<br />Armenian forces have retreated due to casualties." call FNC_EndMission; }; if (_VPazeri/_VPtot >= 0.6 && _controlambush == false) exitWith { "Azerbaijani Victory<br />Materiel was successfully retrieved" call FNC_EndMission; }; if (_VPazeri/_VPtot >= 0.6 && _controlambush == true) exitWith { "Decisive Azerbaijani Victory<br />Materiel was successfully retrieved and supply line secured" call FNC_EndMission; }; sleep (60); It doesn't work but it also doesn't throw any script errors. I am by no means a computer scientist so I'm sure this is horribly unoptimized
  6. I'm working on a mission in which Armenian backed forces try to seize supplies disabled Azerbaijani vehicles and bring them to hideouts after a half-finished ambush. I'm planning on assigning point values to various vehicles, supply crates, etc. and whoever gains "control" over the majority of the points from all the assets wins. In the case of Armenian forces, this would mean having brought the vehicles to a few pre-determined positions. For the Azeri forces, they would either bring assets back to their base or keep them in the area of the ambush while that area is under there control. I admit this is quite complicated and I don't have much experience with such scripting, so if anyone has any suggestions or advice that would be greatly appreciated. As a side note, if anyone knows of any off-the-beaten-path sources about squad structure, tactical doctrine, standard uniforms, etc. on the Azerbaijani Army or the Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) defense force, that would be super helpful too
  7. Thanks for the feedback, very helpful
  8. Mission became CO12 Bulls of Tottah. V2 is on srvr 3 if a handful of people are bored and want to test it. It seems higher player counts were behind V1 crashes
  9. If anyone would like to test V2 on server 3 and let me know how it goes/send me the rpt I would love you forever. Unfortunately my rig is somewhat dismantled and I can't test it on my own
  10. Thanks, update coming soonish
  11. also tried this setCombatMode "BLUE"; waitUntil {time >= 60}; this setCombatMode "RED"; but a million different slices return "generic expression error"
  12. I'm trying to keep AI on opposing sides to start shooting at each other as soon as the mission starts. I started off with a simple: group setCombatMode "BLUE"; sleep 60; group setCombatMode "RED"; in each group's init box, but it apparently isn't quite that simple. I'm using Olsen's and I don't know exactly the right place to put this type of script in .sqf files if not in units' init boxes. Any suggestions for a code that works as efficiently as possible?
  13. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co12-bulls-of-tottah-r1097? Crashed server, memory error ~30s after end of briefing
  14. CO12 Bulls of Tottah V1
  15. Okay so to spice up my endconditions and make it so I only have one trigger activated once, I'm using this here eventhandler for when players put the confiscated cellphone in a bin: _objectives = addEventHandler ["Put", { params[ "_unit", "_container", "_item"]; if ((_container == evidencebin) and (_item == ACE_Cellphone)) then { [] execVM "scripts\endwin.sqf";} }]; And Arma's giving me some good ole "ERROR MISSING ;" Anyone see the problem? This is the first eventhandler I've made myself so I think my argument could be wrong
  16. Thanks Clark that script is really helpful. Player tracking/end conditions finished and working. And to clarify, I'm not using a framework because I have absolutely no prior experience with scripting and want to make sure I understand the fundamentals of exactly what's going on in those fancy frameworks. Once I'm finished I might rebuild with a framework if I feel it needs a more polished feel, and almost definitely will use one if I choose to convert this into a TvT. I'll check out EG spectator; does it warrant using a specpen?
  17. When - Morning, 2018 Where - Fata, village of Tottah Who's invovled - Two six-man Marine Force Recon teams (blufor, Players) and a large militia (Ind, AI) fighting Russian-backed Insurgents (Opfor, AI) What they're doing - In the midst of a a militia assault on Insurgent-occupied Northern Tottah, MFR is sent in to neutralize a high-ranking insurgent, confiscate intel (cell phone, maps etc.), and collect dogtag/DNA evidence to confirm the kill, then GTFO What I've been doing about it - Since it's my first mission, I'm trying to avoid using a framework and I've gotten pretty far. I finished loadouts (including radios) using the default 3DEN arsenal, placed AI and done all the fun "setUnitPos" type stuff to make MOUT tough, set waypoints where necessary, put markers on map, added various objects for immersion, set up ACE spectator, medical, etc., written the briefing with pictures, have startOnSafe working, and am working on triggers/end conditions. To my knowledge all SOPs are met except for proper end conditions. What I'll need help with - Making triggers/end conditions that work, creating a respectable Endscreen, guidance on how much AI to add/take away gauging server performance and difficulty level, as well as in the long run uploading the mission and testing testing testing Any help and advice is much appreciated; Thanks!
  18. First time checking out UO, I'd like to attend this. TheHutch/TheHutch Is there any separate sign up form?
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