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  1. There you go: https://imgur.com/a/MdGtX I don't think RPTs are generated more than once (and the bit I've posted is all of what's gets logged, we've got a lot more errors generated by other stuff) but I see the point and will check again. The problem seems to be baked into a model itself so I guess it can't be easily fixed. The author promised to address the footsteps problem recently (Jan 21) and the rest... well, personally, I can live with those. Lack of the moon doesn't affect the monthly night lighting cycle at all. River color isn't even a real issue, it just an improvement. Hopefully the author will address all of the issues though.
  2. Beketov is a fictional terrain modeled against an average God-forsaken county in Central Russia 20x20 km (400 km^2) Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=743968516 Have you tried the mod with our modpack?Yea Were there any RPT errors produced?Yes: Is the mod still maintained by the developer?Yes, he's not really active right now but the terrain is a part on VTN mod so it's unlikely that they will abandon it in near future. What is the mod's file size unpacked?808 Megabytes What does the mod add that warrants it's addition to our mod pack? Chernarus-esque terrain that's not beaten to death. Flatland, that you would see in actual Russia, contrary to the usual hilly terrains of this type/setting Vast open fields, those will allow to actually use tank FCS for once (if only it wouldn't have been broken) and other vehicle shenanigans Authentic village and city layouts and sizes (might be somewhat surprising after derpy Chernarus villages and pseudo-cities) Realistic distances between settlements that actually warrant usage of transports Authentic huge vegetation-rich forests Some lore behind the terrain, little neat POIs and realistic village/city names Can pass for an Ukraine Default decade-old maps are getting boring Closest thing to an actual Russia you're going to get Tracksuit guerillas (sold separately)
  3. Thank you, Impulse, I'm going to give a try to these values in Editor right away.
  4. I would love to see AI skill values too, it seems to be very well tuned to be realistically deadly without being an unbeatable kill machine.
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