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  1. it looks pretty inpressive at the moment. at its good that its still work in prgress and the developer is still regularly working on it.
  2. Looks really great. Great quality. Be good as an addition
  3. Great guy, great player. Good friend. Easy yes
  4. Easy yes from me. Need a change. something fresh. great quality map. will start thinking of missions if addition goes through. yes from me.
  5. Due to low numbers. This may be rescheduled to next week.
  6. As you have seen in the comments above about the event tomorrow please accept the RSVP on the side of the event page please
  7. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/calendar/event/1013-squad-play-sessions-300918-1900z/ Hey everyone here is a link for the first Play sessio. Play session will take place tomorrow. If you can let me know if you can attend by posting down below. Thanks
  8. Hey Squaddies. Come and Join Us at 19:00z or 8pm UK Time for a squad play session. All players are welcome and come and go when you like as the event may last a few hours. PLEASE LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW IF YOUR ATTENDING SO I CAN GET NUMBERS. THANK YOU!
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