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  1. In recent times, S4dguy has been a decent pick up for the UOTC. He has gone out of his way to assist in many ways including running informal training sessions to assist people with mortars, assisted with various other tasks within UOTC. S4d has been a pretty cool guy although in the past having had the "morphine" incident. Sometimes the past needs to be dropped, many people in the past have had bans and ended up in regular positions. I believe S4d would make a good regular and would vote yes if I had the chance. Best of luck S4d.
  2. Hey Master, Welcome back mate!
  3. G'day Azzwort, Can you put me on this list as an active listener towards my UOTC training? Thanks, Pill421
  4. I agree with Perfk here. What will this new ranking do for you? Personally, I feel you can do the same old same old with your current position within the UO community. I have briefly, in the past, spoken to you on and off of the game servers. I have found you nothing but antagonistic and aggressive. I would expect, if you do become an officer, you sort your shit out and try to cool the jets a bit. I feel if you were the first person I encountered within UO, I would be out. I would like to see you step up to this mark and calm yourself down a bit. Sorry but it would add up to a no from me at current, if I could vote, with the chance of changing me to a yes in the future with a proof of putting in your all and buckling down, cooling those jets.
  5. Name: Pill421 Availability: Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun Sunday - Earliest: 0000 Latest: 2359 Monday - Earliest: 0000 Latest: 2359 Tuesday - Earliest: 0000 Latest: 1200 Friday - Earliest: 0000 Latest: 2359 Saturday - Earliest: 0000 Latest: 2359 Do you understand the above instructor requirements? Yes
  6. I have seen Sylong around for many a month now and have grown to love him. He is a very influential member of the community. Good luck Papa Bear! Yours, Sweet Cheeks.
  7. I wish to put forward my thanks for the criticism. I will be taking this on board and trying my best to rectify. Thanks, Pill
  8. I am not excusing it. I did wrong. I shouldn't have but it is now in the past.
  9. This was some 8 months and has nothing of similar nature has happened since. I think it is necessary to bring up the fact that I have never been banned.
  10. I have in the past done things to teach others about aircraft and air systems of which, unfortunately I have no proof so its a case of believe me or not. Pill.
  11. I actual drew that out of a Jeppesen (Boeing Company) aircraft book. That is nearly the order it is given in within said book. I dumbed down a bit of it as noone really needs to know the compatibility of the missile to each aircraft type. I removed details that were not necessary in any way shape or form. I intend to stick around for a long time to come and do intend to write more documents pertaining to the education mainly of aircraft systems and such to assist those wanting to learn. Either way it will be done, regular or not. Thanks, Pill.
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