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    History (WW 1 & 2)
  1. I hope the powergrab will pay off. Voting yes if you promise to run for PRO aswell.
  2. Solid player on the Server and very helpfull guy in the barracks. Has done a ton of work making missions and reworking olsens. Easy yes from me even if he is from the wrong germany and probably doesn't even like pineapple on his pizza.
  3. Abstaining for now since i can't remember any interaction with said user.
  4. Strong and stable member of the community. Is also at the LAN and plays "The Game".
  5. I was on a festival last weekend where they played. Concert was fucking insane.
  6. Lee


    I played alot of it in 0.13, but I am waiting for 0.15 and nuclear power plants to start playing again.
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