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  1. [Daimon/2nd squad 1plt autorifleman (but can fill most other non-leadership roles if need be)]
  2. Ah crap, didn't mention I don't know where to find the plugins for manual installation. Are they in the Steam arma folder somewhere?
  3. First time using the Steam modpack. Starting from a clean arma install, downloaded the modpack via workshop. Launched the game normally, via launcher and the attached error appeared. I did have the old ACRE plugins leftover in teamspeak, but upon removing them the error message persisted. Should I find the plugins somewhere or am I doing something else wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. Okay, added missing mods, launches and connects flawlessly now, thanks. I feel pretty dumb now, but can't recall loading this many mods before. Does it matter if Apex is installed or not?
  5. The last time I'd played at UO was about 2-3 months ago, before Apex rolled out. I've updated my mods yesterday via A3sync, as usual, addon check came up OK. I checked today again, no files to download. If I try to launch the game normally, through Steam, a few error messages appear and the game does not launch. (Pics 1-3. 1 - loaded mods, 2 - first error, 3 - second error, "unexpected exception occurred") When launching through A3sync, a different error message appears, but the game launches despite it. (4 - launch parameters from a3sync, 5 - error message) Then, ingame, this message box pops up. I'm able to find the server, but when attempting to connect, an "unaccepted keys" message appears and the session is lost. What should I do to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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