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  1. Hello all, Ray here, go by is Sting. Active duty Air Force for 12 years. I stumbled across UO via YouTube while on deployment and peaked my interest. Have played FSX, Falcon 4.0:AF, and Il-2: 1946 for several years, but never found a good on-line community. Now have Falcon BMS, DCS, and ARMA 3. Looking to get in with a good community and share some of my mil XP with other players, plus step up my own game. Own TrackIR, Warthog HOTAS, Pro Flight Rudder Pedals, and Fanatech CSR Wheel/Pedals (yeah, I'm an iRacer too). Hope to see you all out on the battlefield. Hit me up if you're interested in linking up on Steam. Cheers! V/R, Sting
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