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  1. Amazing Game-play as BLUFOR Marksman. Very full of content and possibilities.
  2. CO27 HighwayofHell V3
  3. I would like to apologize for my immature and unprofessional behavior. I have no excuses and once again would like to point out how sorry I am. I was disruptive to the point that I was taking away from others experiences and knew that I was doing it. I am completely undeserving of being a part of this great community with its amazing users that follow its guidelines and ask for forgiveness of my actions.
  4. Yes. No I was not the admin. I agree it is a form of cheating. Yes I agree the admin should have done it not myself. I was given approval by the admin and urged by many to PM him. I realize that they were being impatient and I gave in to their complaints. I simply broke SOP and shouldn't have listened to what the players and the admin told me to do. I don't need any ban status change or anything, I mainly posted my first comment on this thread to get the backstory of what happened out there. Thanks, -Salsa
  5. Image from SteamChat w/ Gkenny http://i.imgur.com/U639tAa.png
  6. I Imagine the reporter of this ban was the person I told which I can understand because he didn't have the full story. I do not agree with the fact that he didn't seek for the whole story before reporting me but nevertheless, it happened. Explanation: After a little while (i'd say about 10 minutes) of not very much action people that were not alive and spectating started to get a little bit rowdy and impatient. At first I told them to be patient and get over it but they consistently whined about how long the mission was going to drag on because of the last player "running away" from the enemy. Eventually a conversation sprung up between the admin (Achilies) and another player (who I believe to be hundfan) about whether or not the admin should call it. The admin suggested that he state in Global Chat that there was only One remaining player or that someone just SteamChat the last player if someone has the last player added on steam in order to avoid giving this valuable information to the opposing team and still speed things up a bit. So because I had the last remaining player on my friends list, I told the admin that I would message him and messaged him that he was the last one alive and to hurry up. Awaiting an updated status report on this ban or further dialogue. -Salsa
  7. Ingame/Form Name: Salsa Salzman Are you willing to be a CO: Yes (Mission/Player Count Dependent) Are you willing to squad lead: Yes Are you a regular or donor: No
  8. Hi again, taking a look back, the way that I reacted to my ban was extremely irrational. I started throwing accusations towards people, and starting arguments that would get nowhere. I blindly ignored many SOP's and went right ahead and broke them. Watching the video I realized that a new player interested in a realism unit like UO might choose another community over UO all because of the fact that my video highlighted all the immature, unrealistic aspects of the mission that was being played. Therefore, I deleted the video and again want to apologize to Impulse9, the community, and anyone else who may have been offended by any of my comments after my ban.
  9. Thanks for all of you responses and your cooperation with such a horrible UO member like me. Times in relation to the video. 1:25 : I stopped messing around and returned to where my squad had initially formed up after military turtle had indicated to. "stop fucking around" 1:44 : The scream was not intentional disruption, but out of shear fear for my in-game life. I have made a mistake, and that is not apologizing to Onyx in which I will do so now. I Sincerely apologize for TK-ing you and ruining your experience for that mission Onyx. Please accept my apology. (I have no other means of commination with Onyx other than here.) 2:10+ Everything was in line with what MANY other players on unitedoperations have done. The only Intentional Disruption I see in the video is my mistake in not apologizing to Onyx which I have now done so.
  10. Thank you for all of the clarification. I am not objecting to the ban. I completely agree that the ban was well deserved. I made a mistake by highlighting and sharing my funny moments on a mission in UO. (Is there a thread in which the time of a ban is determined based on the specific rules broken? If so please link it.) I am objecting to the amount of time I have received for the ban. Once again, the ban was well deserved, but the intensity of the ban seems unfair when looking at my offense. I would really like to know where and what your SOP for banning players is or if you guys ban based off of personal opinion.
  11. 1: I received a warning from the forum moderator for posting this thread in the wrong section in which I never created myself in the first place? 2: Teamkilling: We both explained our accidental TK reasons. The others that had died (Barrage, Onyx) I assume wouldn't have pushed for a ban against me because of those nd's if you asked them. 3: Intentional Game Disruption: By game disruption if you are referencing to my laughing at strange happenings during the mission or discussing such things, that shouldn't be considered intentional Game Disruption. If that isn't the case please let me know the specifics of my intentional game disruption. 4: Active promotion of game disruption on the server: What? I never encouraged anyone to cause any sort of game disruption on the server. If you are referring to the fact that I chose all the funny or "disruptive" clips out of the mission and put them in this video in an intention to promote game disruption... I can confirm that I wasn't intentionally attempting to do that. Not trying to offend anyone, I just find it quite dumb that I would get banned over the things that happened in this youtube video for a MONTH. Also, please be more specific about the reasons for the ban.
  12. Player: SalsaSalzman A3 PID: f472ef72c915dee3cd14a10fa4365ad2 TS3 ID: As Below y3uogVWzVjpY1c5GlMSN5AlbkV0= qOItxfzgqBAjHPLjHFC9yW6+rU8= X64P+XsEylSzVC/+vTcb2oOIVSo= WhZKAK//bp1swZ2TWh5S5oI7cko= +GduRBUxgz+QNargsvFfgJQ4yss= Xi0XqhG2dshipeWCjWwiu6qeiX8= 2cDi74OADVpIsMQx6Ei/Ak/Z33s= Length: 1 Month Reduced - Time Served Reason: Teamkilling, Intentional Game Disruption, Active promotion of game disruption on server Processor: SalsaSalzman/Impulse 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9r7u5MqR6g EDIT - Removed Forum Warning after Response
  13. New MICLIC Script in Progress by Weapon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZZ0dYX2ucE
  14. If you may allow me to attend I would be grateful! Nickname (in-game/TS): Salsa Salzman
  15. The second play through was a much faster paced, quick, and hot at all times type of mission. Falcon was CO of the first play through (you can guess how this went) and this was a much more strategic and slow play through. Both ended with a Victory. Both I attended.
  16. If you are, then prove it! post a pic of your desktop in the comments! (you don't see ArmA3 Sync don't you? This is my laptop which cant run ArmA. I am not able to access my Main PC right now because of reasons.)
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