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  1. Ingame/Form Name: Ekyel Are you willing to be a CO: No Are you willing to squad lead: No Are you a regular or a donor: No
  2. When you used up all your luck surviving through the mission. https://youtu.be/fd_jqs_Y68s
  3. https://youtu.be/iicOohJeAPM
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SmQDvc6Ss8&feature=youtu.be When you suck really bad at PID.
  5. Summoned someone named Colleen (I think) last night while using upiskill password, was that one of you guys?
  6. Planning on using a Xbox controller myself, worked fine for 2 and I expect it to be fine here as well.
  7. Ekyel

    AI Skill

    I had no idea that they modeled it with injuries affecting accuracy even with AI, very interesting.
  8. Anyone interested in some jolly co-operation? Post up or hit me up!
  9. Welcome! I think I've played a few missions with you on the primary; we got players from all over the place so don't sweat it if English isn't your first language!
  10. Ekyel

    Hello UO

    Welcome! We're mostly active on the weekends, look forward to seeing you on the server.
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