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    offroading, wrangler bigfoot edition, went gliding once..eh.Daughter,gf/wife..maybe-lol
    "His name is MacGyver; he can fix anything." - Pete

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  1. tracks...trucks..tanks and suvs
  2. i gave in... uninstalled arma3, steam..erased any and all arma3, in my documents..teamspeak,any traces...gone. started fresh with six,mods...steam.. now its working. i dont know what exactly it was, but my guess is something with steam...i dont know for sure, but i want to blame it on something, and i hate steam.
  3. nope...still nothing... gawd i hate steam apps...
  4. i joined the server last week, it was just me and a few others, everything was working, except when i would transmit my voice, acre works...even tried taskforce afterwards, but that didnt help and just uninstalled taskforce, acre connects fine, i can hear everyone, they see my name pop up in the game, but cant hear anything, same with the radio, SR/LR nothing..teamspeak is fine, windows sees my mic,so does teamspeak and so does steam. some on the server, just said reinstall arma3, which i did, prior, when it wasnt working...but that didnt fix anything. its strange so in closing, i can hear everyone, in game or on teamspeak i can talk on teamspeak and any other game i can bring up the radio, or use the caps lock for von, which my name appears, in the side,global,group..etc, but no one can hear me. im not on mute' connected to another server, same issue has anyone come across this issue before?
  5. Hello, I'm 22, originally from ohio, but moved towards the middle of no where, kansas, where i got transferred for a job op. I bought arma3 and arma2 and like both, but more so, arma3, ive played in alot of servers, but the one, 1stRangersBat, i noticed was,..unorganized. There was one player in that that mentioned a couple other places to join, and this was one of them. Ive seen a few vids on youtube, seems fun and exciting community to be a part of. ive played alot of other milsims or other types of games that are a military origin. Im not in the military myself. Friends call me macgyver as a joke, because one 4x4 day a friend wrecked his jeep offroading, well i pulled a few pieces together and made a quick fix for a basic axle...to me, it was nothing, but they had their laughs...like this past christmas i got a present with bubble gum and a paperclip, i do other stuff as well, im just good with my hands, always was told, Idle hands are the devils work shop. I built my computer, i have guns...a couple knives. i live with my girlfriend and our 2yr old daughter...yea, i know i was young. anyway, id thought i add a introduction to this, i had signed up recently here, but my computer crashed blue screened so i wasnt able to get back on for a while, so i guess my account was never authorized? or deleted..or something, it doesnt exist anymore, so i just remade it. but ive got a new vidcard coming, hopefully soon and a new SDD, later ill get a new psu, but for now its just playing with my hdd and an old video card, haha i should be up and playing in a couple weeks, if not sooner. Thanks.
  6. i remember these, they were funny.
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