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  1. To be able to hear other people speak when inside vehicles, I often turn down effects volume, and then turn it back up when I exit. It's a bit clunky though, going through the Config > Audio menu, so I wonder if anybody has solved this in a better way?
  2. CPU: i5 4690k @ 3,5 GHz RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3 Video Card: ASUS GTX 960 Game Resolution: 1900x1200 SSD: Samsung EVO 850 500 GB OS: Windows 7 Motherboard: Asus Z97-AR Remarks: New GPU. Time to try some memory and CPU o/c...?
  3. But you should feel free to suggest those missions that you'd like - you will probably get hit on the head by some but it's not fatal and will get the discussion going
  4. Case in point, German Steel as of this night >30 mins brief, 15 more before moving out... Since I have a hard time committing more than 5 hours two nights a week, these are precious minutes
  5. Alright, fair enough. If somebody would like to lead a particular mission then, which fits player count, he could prep if he wants to. Sounds like the way to go. Thanks for your responses!
  6. So, this is probably something that has been discussed or even tried before, but since I'm newish here I'd like to ask anyway... Would it be possible to select and prep a candidate mission (with at least a commander and maybe - depending on mission size and type - a few SLs) before the end of a previous mission, in order to shave of precious minutes (or more) of waiting time? A guess on number of participants might not always be spot on, but often enough that it could be worth the effort. I can see other problems as well, but maybe we could try to eke out the potential upsides and possible working modes before shooting the idea down?
  7. Good points all. Agreed that ALiVE would provide a good foundation.
  8. How would a mission like this work, for seeding? I think it's a pretty cool concept, to have people literally drop in, try to find each other and organize spontaneously. Some limitations or wait-times for respawn would be appropriate, as discussed above.
  9. I hope this type of event will return, so sad I couldn't make it this time!
  10. That's weird; I just came here to the tech support forum to ask exactly the same question! I'd say it's Teamspeak's fault, the TS icon in the taskbar (Win 7 x64, dual monitor extended desktop) becomes "orange" at irregular times and I'm reasonably sure that's when TS steals focus and Arma becomes minimzed. Which is always irritating but deadly in firefights... So. TS setting to look for, or just wait for an update? PS. I've been using DMT (tool to lock mouse pointer to main screen - but it does not seem to make any difference).
  11. Here's the single AI that kept (more or less) the entire platoon from advancing on Lopatino Saturday... Well not entirely true - he did have a SAW companion, but he got killed a few minutes before this photo.
  12. Load should be very limiting to speed and endurance, jogging forever is bullshit and can only be thought of as fun/realistic by 250-pound couch potatoes who never exercised in their life. (but to be noted - he actually is able to climb over a 1.2m wall!!!) But maybe not have combat medics at this degree of realism... It's sad though if those things that distinguish Arma from Battlefield et al, and which makes us all love the game, should be hidded deep in configuration menus and mods. I'm not sure that it will be a win in the end even if in the short range more new players might spend ten hours or so playing it.
  13. I'd be happy to help as timing permits. Around 2200z weekdays is probably my sweet spot.
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