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  1. Thanks, guys. How to I go about getting on TS. Im failing to find that info.
  2. Hey, a friend suggested that I sign-up and post here. I'm looking to gain some experience where Im lacking, and hopefully help out with my own skills when ever possible. I run a computer business in northern California on the weekdays, and play arma 3 on the weekends. I pretty big on PVP, I like missions and I like game types where you start out with nothing and have to pick stuff up along the way, its more realistic IMHO and it prevents people from locking down resource locations somewhat. So I used to play sa-matra wasteland, but its pretty much dead in the water these days, so I am now playing a lot of battle royale. Im finding certain skills are somewhat lacking in certain areas because I do find myself caught out in the open and under fire without being able to locate the enemy or find cover in time, maybe its part of life. Also I have trouble with taking down targets that are moving before I get killed myself. I sometimes engage when I shouldn't , ect. But getting better at not doing that. I feel like I could use some improvement so Im looking to learn from others. Anyway hope to meet and play with people that are not dickheads and know how to be professional and respectful to others. I dont like people with something to prove, and I dont like people that mistreat others because of their perceived position in a group. So hopefully that's not happening here. Wanted to be upfront with that right out of the gate so I dont waste anyone's time.
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