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  1. [Harold/Gunner] I will need to borrow a copy of Steel Beasts. Which version are we using? I'm downloading the latest (4.023) in order to be prepared. TinfoilHate, there is no A23 element. There are A31 through A34 in the role list. :-)
  2. Although I have already completed the Land Navigation Course, I would like to take it again. I'll consider myself in a reserve slot for it, only taking it if there is available room.
  3. Thanks for finally scheduling another Land Navigation course. However, the training is scheduled for "Sat, 2018-02-25", but February 25th is a Sunday. Which day did you intend?
  4. Excellent training, S4dGuyInSn0, thanks! And I'm glad to see that you're open minded about the different military doctrines and SOPs throughout the world and even within an individual country. You mentioned the differences in squad size for US Army, USMC, British infantry and Soviet infantry. Also, I see that "heavy left/right" is not covered in the UOTC Familiarization Course lesson plan or interim lesson plan (Part 5, Subpart Movement Formations). However, it is covered in the wiki here, here and here. and I agree that it needs to be researched more because that's not a primary source for the information. I checked the current US Army Infantry Platoon and Squad field manual, ATP 3-21.8 with Change 1, and on page 113 of the PDF document it comes very close to answering the question with Figure 2-7, but it does not label the different wedge formations regarding which side is considered "heavy". The Army Tactics, Techniques and Procedures guide is available here. Maybe there is a different primary source that answers the question. And thanks for allocating time for a quick run-through of light AT launcher safety. That allowed me to correct my mistake from last time.
  5. Forum name: Harold In-game name: Harold Although I have already completed the Familiarization Course, I would like a refresher. I will take a reserve slot in case signups are full.
  6. I had a great time at the event. It looked like UO was doing well toward the beginning, but then we took too many casualties and lost momentum. AFI shifted their forces in order to form BOF and assault elements and used good ol' fire and maneuver to fix, finish and follow-through. And they definitely followed through, quickly executing unconscious BLUFOR and destroying Bradleys as they swept through the area of the final firefight. If you want to see a replay of the action from the map view then watch TvT130_Counter_Strike_v4.vt5 on 2017.09.09-21:19 in the AFI AAR system. I don't have to win in order to have fun. My goal is to learn and improve anyway.
  7. I'm looking forward to becoming another Magellan of the land. In-game name: Harold TS name: Harold
  8. Unfortunately I have to pull out of this training session. I was hoping to de-conflict another event, but it wasn't possible. Yes, both Friday and Saturday at the same time.
  9. Unfortunately I have to pull out of this training session. I was hoping to de-conflict another event, but it wasn't possible.
  10. "There is no knowledge that is not power" ... but how many watts? (Harold / Harold)
  11. In-game name: Harold Teamspeak name: Harold I have a maximum of two hours before I need to leave for an organized mission. If the course is expected to take longer than 2 hours then please disregard my signup.
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