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  1. ill join in..gotta relearn basics again but i have a few ships and a stable character so far justa few month of play.
  2. horrible.this guy shows some masterpieces..the boards regularly look so bad.
  3. User received a warning point for this post.
  4. its also pretty easy to build a quick IR - LED Tracki.no costs basically and is cable "free" thats why i build my own since for flight sims its very handy not having cables attched to your headset.i use wireless headset with battery driven track ir...because fuck cables! Does the android then support 6DOF?
  5. if it could be properly played and have some close realistic game mechanics i would be in...so it feels to arcade to me and i cant stand games where people can get shot and heal themselfs in seconds and jump around like nothing again...mod support for bf and everything would be great but then everybody would use mods and their precious franchise would fall apart like meth addicts... Even if the scenario is great but the game style ever screwed it for me.
  6. It gonna gets mod support relatively soon from what ive read and then it might get really interesting.also coding will be much easier than f.e. in arma.the agility and hit detection work great and climbing ladders f.e. is just so much better if this gets big maps and addons this could get viral...also the basic medic system would allow proper modification and could get similar to ace..not sure on view distances and scopes they are horrible at this point
  7. Took me pretty long i had that first time
  8. Since it was nearly the only community playing tactical all across arma it wasnt too hard to find actually..after playing nights of vanilla were getting boring quick and there are servers you werent able to get in. That was the point of finding arma mods and whats it about and how to get on those high populated servers which looked in server list allready great. And after i saw what this was compared to the rest of arma even with some else good communities around it wasnt satisfying anymore to have vanilla running and it mostly does(ace andd acre especially) what i expect from a milsim.
  9. hehe not sure what this is about just have read it and thought you guys need people testing it. Should this become a general replacement for VON? Im just curious since a buddy and me were thinking of why VON isnt working and then i stumbled across this post!
  10. Wow... im in definitly!when is the session ill bring at least one guy with me probs.. Will you guys make this public ccess so people can use a proper comm system in Arma?
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