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  1. There is another mission that should be checked. It is a TVT on Malden, it is Lebanese / Militia Defenders VS Syrian Army the range is in the 60s I think. I believe ACE Medical is causing some players to become invulnerable upon going unconscious. The only way to fix the issue is for the player that it (invulnerability) happens is to res-pawn. The end conditions may want to be check as well
  2. CO66 Operation Stingray HC V6 No Headless Client slot
  3. I am interested. But i am unsure if I will be able to make it.
  4. I humbly accept this nomination. I plan on continuing my work on Rosche and expanding my video output and skill. I am also open to doing more to help to community and its members,
  5. There was a meme crate hidden behind some porta-potty's. no mention of it or the contents in the brief
  6. The mission Crashed! is so hot right now
  7. I agree that the mission should be more than a simple meeting engagement. Both sides are told about the objective "Miller / The Device" yet it has no effect on game-play/ end conditions (Both sides end conditions are that 100% of the enemy must be killed)
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