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  1. Mind uploading that handbook somewhere else? Scribd is awful and doesn't let you download it without paying... or even read past the first 4 pages. edit: alright, looks like there was a link to a googledoc mirror of it on the wiki: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19GCXW2HV3PQkKzqVY1GWdImPeUaCHPintsoloT-vZXQ/edit
  2. CO15 Treasure Island V5
  3. CO22 Revengers 2: Back With a Vengeance V7
  4. CO15 Treasure Island V4
  5. Now that this thread's been bumped, I wish people stopped using morphine so much. I used to say that you should only use it if you're in pain serious enough to put you at a risk of passing out, but I don't remember the last time I've passed out or seen anyone pass out from pain, so I don't know if that can even practically happen anymore. The pain from even pretty serious wounds (a large avulsion in the head or something) seems to go away on its own in a few minutes without morphine, so personally I basically never use my autoinjector. Then again I don't remember the last time I've seen someone go into cardiac arrest either, and epinephrine is very rarely useful too, so I'm suspecting that either changes to ACE or the server settings have caused a lot of these features to become basically obsolete...
  6. CO40 Russian Clam V6
  7. CO15 Treasure Island V3
  8. CO15 Treasure Island V2
  9. CO22 Revengers 2: Back With a Vengeance V6
  10. I made some extra changes on top of these before the mission got uploaded so looks like we're going straight to V6.
  11. CO22 Revengers 2: Back With a Vengeance V5
  12. CO15 Treasure Island V1
  13. CO22 Revengers 2: Back With a Vengeance V4
  14. CO43 Russian Clam V5
  15. Maybe everyone already knows this, but if you have a keybind for the Zoom Out button, while on foot it'll increase your FoV quite significantly when used. You can then double-tap it to toggle the zoomed out state. I have it bound to one of the buttons on my mouse and use it whenever I need the extra situational awareness. It goes away when you aim down sights etc. though.
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