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  1. Name: jamaljerbassue Class Requested: Familiarisation Days Requested (optional): FRIDAY through SUNDAY Times Requested (optional): Any Time Special Remarks: I haven't been active for years. I have recently found more time and would love to spend it with you guys.
  2. I found the Arma 2 videos of you guys playing on Fallujah and I was so hyped up about such a coherent community.
  3. Hey Cephei, thanks for the kind words my brother, the song is "Elderbrook Rewinding"
  4. I predicted it Lancer, so happy I caught it on camera, better yet... I'm happy I was able to survive LOL. Hey HeadShot, thanks for all the support man, I am currently on my summer break so I'll be sure to get much more footage of us having strategic fun. Thanks for all the games
  5. Hey! I appreciate the feedback guys, Jimbo, did you see your feature at 0:10? Thanks much, @Rambo2, the slow motion segments are done by my leaving all my settings on low, except texture qualities and AF, then filming at high FPS and then cutting the video down in speed... Doesn't always work in high intensity stuff but it did for this zeus mission Hey, thanks Pax I appreciate it tonnes
  6. All the action from this week in one video.
  7. Sure thing, will do and report back.
  8. Hey there guys, me once again I can't join the main servers since my repo will not update with the latest versions of mods. Is there any way for me to access a direct download?
  9. Finally downloaded, just out of the blue. Didn't change any settings or anything, eh Thanks guys, topic closed?
  10. Is there any way to download a mod hosted by UO without doing it through PWS?
  11. Hi Impulse, thanks for your reply however unfortunately, I think I am having issues accessing the UO hosting servers alone I can download other mods hosted by PWS but I get this error attempting to update my @ACRE folders recently
  12. Was there a recent update that I didn't receive or something? I keep getting this error while trying to enter the server
  13. Nick: JAMALJERBASSUE Available: 29 March 2015 2000z I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  14. Sign-Up: jamaljerbassue/jamaljerbassue Dates available: 25/03/2015 I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  15. JamaljeBassue / JamaljeRBassue Dates available: March 19th/20th Time: 2000Z
  16. Sign-up: JamaljeBassue/JamaljeRBassue Dates: 15th march I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  17. JamaljeBassue/JamaljeRBassue Dates available:14 March I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  18. Not sure if you got your answer but recently RHS Released version 0.3.6 AFRF and US Forces, and some marine uniforms were added to the bundle
  19. Follow my getsatisfaction thread here; https://getsatisfaction.com/withsix/topics/notsupportedexception-format-not-supported-verifying-download After a week, I have managed to start the download process once again (without a proxy this time), I'll keep you guys updated.
  20. I'm at school currently and just in the library stealing WiFi, (I'll be here until about 2200z) Hey Fox D, thanks for your reply and the suggestion, because of your reply I now know that it's not just the repository at fault, but PWS on a whole, I can't install or download any Mods found on PWS, I tried searching for and downloading CBA, and ACRE and none of them start the download process (I get the same error). So just to clarify again, I can't download any of the mods hosted on PWS I appreciate your response kail, thanks for your help, I'll check all my connectivity settings once more when I get home this evening and report back, The Windows installation I am using is completely new, only the required programs for UO are installed currently (TeamSpeak, ARMA, PWS) and a few other software, such as Chrome, Drivers, CCleaner, WinRAR I don't have a security suite installed at the moment and even went as far as disabling the windows firewall. Additionally, I turned off the security features of my router for a moment to see if that changes anything, without success... I'll keep trying Thank you guys for the time you are taking out of your days to respond to this thread, I appreciate it and I can't wait to get back on board with you
  21. Hey Kail, thanks for the reply The Arma 3 installation folder does not contain any ACRE2 folders, as the download will not even start in PWS, I also found and deleted the .synq folder from the documents folder, no luck there I have to leave in a bit for class, but this is what happened this morning: The Downloads will only start if I enter an HTTP Proxy (I found this one on some kind of free proxy sites online), but the maximum download speed is about 6 kB/s. As I said I think it's something to do with my location, but I have used PWS just fine in the past. Actually, before updating to the latest version of PWS, the download started just fine Is there any way to downgrade PWS? UPDATE: This is what happens after a while, all the statuses under action turn to Failed
  22. Thanks for the tips zero_sum, opened a thread earlier this afternoon on get satisfaction, will report back if I get any new info in case anyone else has the same issues
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