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  1. Voting yes. This seems underhanded and scummy given I have stated multiple times I would be glad to step down from MMO given a proper replacement. I feel like Blackhawk will do a great job.
  2. I may be available that weekend. When do you need a commitment by?
  3. In for Prowler. I'm good for mid-afternoon Saturday and Sundays
  4. Give the civilian a move order in the On Act. field of the trigger. The trigger's condition should be on the presence of civilian.
  5. When we did the last group purchase we had about 10 people if I recall correctly and it came out to about 10 Euro each. Edit, yes they issue 10 separate keys
  6. Larger channels will have the video mirrored on more servers, It is possible that youtube's network architecture is requiring you to retrieve content from a server which is geographically far from you. Which increases the likelihood of you having a bad hop that limits your bandwidth.
  7. I will be gone for pretty much all of May, it is going to be a really busy month. First Week - Exam Week and Graduation Second Week - Wedding and Moving to a new house Third Week - Brother-in-law's graduation from Med School Fourth Week - Honeymoon See you all in June
  8. DarkFib3r is a great guy and is extremely motivated and responsible. Couldn't think of anyone else better for the job. Not Whiskey Delta
  9. Briland

    UOAF - BMS #277

  10. Briland

    UOAF - BMS #276

    in cougar
  11. Flys the plane, isn't Whiskey Delta. Easy Yes.
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