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  1. *cries like a child* I TRUSTED HER! SHE VIOLATED ME! Okay, to be fair, both TrainDoc and I were wearing AAF camouflage pants and we were in a general direction similar to wear incoming fire was coming from, and to my knowledge, were both out of radio contact. I vote to reduce this to time served.
  2. Can't attend because I'm gonna be spending Saturday shooting off this bigboi. I just wanted to wish all of you a good time though.
  3. What? The textures? Because the body armor and helmets work just fine and fit on the uniforms. Also it's still in development so the creator will be making improvements in the future. Delta Hawk pretty much hasn't updated his mod at all in nearly three years since release.
  4. Putting up a thread on Simcardo's US Forces 2000s pack to see if there's any interest in adopting it or just to sit around a campfire and admire it. Main Addon https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1087215803 Additional Units http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1116198232 Have you tried the mod with our modpack? Were there any RPT errors produced? -Yes -None to my knowledge Pros: -100% compatible with our existing modset, no additional mods required -Uniforms such as BDUs, DCUs, CCUs, Flight Suits, first-generation ACUs, first generation MCCUUs, and ABUs -Uniforms are fitted to most vanilla gear, avoiding the clipping issues that we often have with Delta Hawk's equipment -more modern body armor and vests such as Interceptor, SPEAR BALCS, CIRSAS, and FLCs that have armor values on par with RHS IOTV and Ratnik that would allow us to make Cold War/90s/War on Terror missions without having half of the players killed by pokes to the chest as often happens with Delta Hawk's PASGT vests -Aesthetic additions to uniforms such as kneepads, flag patches, name tape, and insignia of US Army units such as the 10th Mountain , 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne, 1st Infantry ,3rd Infantry, and others, -Additional protective equipment such as MOPP and tactical fleeces -Mod is still in active development and its creator has been quick to make hotfixes for the small number of bugs -Creator is open to letting others tinker with his mod (so if Corax wants to reskin it, he can) -Available on steam workshop Cons: -263 mb -Admittedly somewhat redundant since we already have a lot of the baseline gear. I still think it's a good package and offers a lot of extra things we could use though, especially considering the file size.
  5. I always liked the layout of Hue City, Vietnam. Some sites on the battle of Hue City during the Vietnam War that include fairly detailed maps. http://www.pilsch.gatech.edu/AirOps/hue-compound.html http://steveswatek.com/ http://www.vietvet.org/visit/maps/maproom.htm Basically the city was split by a river between the Northern "Old City" (traditional Vietnamese architecture including a large palace that was formerly used by the Vietnamese monarchy) and the Southern "New City" (French/American architecture) joined by a pair of road bridges and a railway. The surrounding area was a mix of rice paddies, farms, and jungle. While we don't exactly have that much Asian architecture, Tanoa buildings are varied that they could be used as substitutes. Another idea is a desert map coastal map with a Kavala/Georgetown-sized city and harbor (mixture of traditional Middle Eastern and modern architecture) with surrounding oil fields, tributaries etc. with a USMC Expeditionary Strike Group similar to the one on Podagorsk sitting a mile or two off the coast This map could make for a stand-in for Mogadishu, Kuwait City, Beirut, and various other conflict areas in the Middle East while not suffering from the framerate problems maps like Fallujah have with their massive size.
  6. Game crashed three times in the past 30 minutes is that what's causing this?
  7. There's also generally more than just one single trenches. The standard in WW1 was 2-3 support trenches in addition to the frontline one so reinforcements and supplies could brought in without being exposed to enemy fire as well as providing a second line of defense in case the frontline was overrun.
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