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    - Mech Boys
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    - Watching grass growing
    - Listening to Sylong, even when not online, he has a loud voice.

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  1. Aye. He will make a fine addition to this band of rough warriors.
  2. @Perfk do you have the ability to remove it until I update it?
  3. This mission isnt even supposed to be on the server. @Perfk
  4. Would like to switch over to 1st plt 4th squad any open role.
  5. Very good. Welcome back, lost child.
  6. Good for you, now produce marine missions.
  7. RESOLVED Cannot reply to a topic in the 'News, Announcements, & Events' Section. Sunday, the 10th of February, in the year of the Lord 2019. For Example:
  8. CO36 PzGr Merkel Warriors V1
  9. Missing title description on profile pages: https://unitedoperations.net/forums/index.php?/profile/3153-zumorc/&_fromLogin=1 as seen on Sunday, the 10th of February, in the year of the Lord 2019.
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