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  1. You're too late, we don't play Arma @UO anymore.
  2. I thought it was set up by lord commander impulse, 9th of his name? I'm sorry Mr. Pope.
  3. We are playing many different games in the Gulag, a big chunk of UO is playing ECO at the moment on a server set up by i9.
  4. I don't want to play Arma 3 anymore. Arma 4, when?
  5. I voted yes, if people return and are still shitters we can just ban them again.
  6. The CBRN stuff and the map are great, I hope we add it to the server.
  7. Question: Does AC want to be a regular?
  8. Aye. He will make a fine addition to this band of rough warriors.
  9. @Perfk do you have the ability to remove it until I update it?
  10. This mission isnt even supposed to be on the server. @Perfk
  11. Would like to switch over to 1st plt 4th squad any open role.
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