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  1. My english is really bad , and some times i can intepret wrong,some stuff that was said by others, i must recognize some stuff you said Vpope in response to me is right, but still i don't accept the fact "the charter applies to all users your failure to uphold those standards would apply regardless of membership status." , just like in real life , UO sometimes happens tons of injustice , but let's end the drama and proceed the ban .
  2. "FIRST DAY after his last ban was removed." - My ban was removed a month ago, you guys that failed at removing at the system and so i requested to remove . "User also was encouraging people to go and suicide with their grenades." - I really encoraged , but nobody did what i said , still didn't fired at nobody didn't scream at anybody . "Nimble discharged his firearm at someone's feet in the assembly area" - Fired to the sky in the beggining, just because i fired at reddish feet one time doesn't mean i repeated at other people , FALSE Accusation . "People who are incapable of adherence to even the most basic core tenants of the community are not welcome here." - OK , so since 2014 i was incapable being part of UO , im really satisfied of not be welcomed by most part of the regular basis , but you need to understand that the green tag don't make you special , without the playerbase you guys are nothing . You guys with your personal attacks and tries of finding excuses to ban me really 0% affects me, UO is a special place , but the world is bigger than this community an you guys are definitively not the king of the hill .
  3. The intent of this mission was of chilling and roleplaying , i didn't fire at anybody i fired close to the feet ( see on the server log ) and not to get attention but to roleplay as a cruel leader , most people were having fun with the mission , MISSION TOOK 10 MIN OF PLANNING , 6 FRIENDLY CASUALTIES AND +46 ENEMY CASUALTIES , this is a prove that the ultra milsim way of dealing with missions is not the only answer for all the missions and this is what got (ultra milsim wanna be special forces) people mad , they don't accept the fact that a simple plan of 10 minutes with some jokes and non serious leadership can win in arma 3 missions , i accept the ban , but next time these people that are talking bad about me in my back show their faces and tell direct to me that is not liking what i doing , i fired close to reddish red feet but after he said to me stop ( only one time ) i stopped because he got serious and i was seeing that he was not having fun , after that he goes and speak bullshit about me in my back , nice gentleman attitude ! proceed the ban , i accept the consequences ...
  4. Honorable Men , will always be in my memory ! After a failed attempt of assaulting a german secured hill , syrian forces do they last attempt of gaining ground , the second platoon in order to help the syrian infantry company offensive , launches a suicidal try of disrupting german machinery , all members of the 2nd Squad will be remembered for this act of great honor, unfornately Young LIL ABU (15 years old) surrendered and got caught, but in the end of the conflict we expect to see him coming back to his family ... Hurraaaaaaaaa !!!
  5. Better Losing a Game Than lost 2 world Wars ... User received a warning point for this post.
  6. Hello my fellow UO members, anybody willing to do a 7 days to die server to the community to play this game together ???
  7. Choice of spelling seemed to be poor. This could have been a better post ...
  8. A Fallujah West Map would be very welcome and unique !
  9. Well Kevin is kinda right , the hitler youth had some similar stuff ( political doctrination and military training ) ... And sorry for that it was supposed to be army but my cellphone is crazy.
  10. video : https://www.facebook.com/rferl/videos/10155182642009575/ User received a warning point for this post.
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