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  1. Does it have a campaign? I found myself playing modded campaigns in Red Dragon a lot more than multiplayer.
  2. I'm going to necro this thread because this game was just released for beta today if you preordered. Everything is looking good so far, feels very much like the old C&C, and I could really see this game going somewhere if they can manage to balance the game properly.
  3. Is there complete documentation of the medical system in ACE3? I feel like it's a tad different from ACE2, unless it was a knockout blow, I don't think you wake up after a while anymore.
  4. Any CO that orders a BMP within RPG range of a compound has leadership issues. Fact remains, if you park it on the north east side of the defenders AO it cannot be killed. There is no cover available from the valley to the ridge.
  5. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt26-syrias-countryside-v11-r289? Defenders have no real way of fighting the attackers. Attackers can park the BMP on a ridge 1000 meters out and shell every single town in succession to oblivion. Recomend switching the attackers vehicle to something without a cannon.
  6. Welcome back, things are a bit dead while we wait for ACE3, but besides that it's pretty much same old, but with new faces.
  7. Well I would be very much interested in this, count me in.
  8. There's really not a whole lot of information on that page. What exactly is the G-36 "Complete System"? Surely these tests have been run before in the weapons long life, and they must have passed, right?
  9. Elevator music plays at max volume without warning.
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